Tennessee is on top of the list when it comes to taking your family for a fun and memorable trip. It’s one of the most family-friendly destinations in America, with countless entertainment spots. It’s known to be the founding area of rock and roll while also being home to the Great Smoky Mountains. Regardless of what you like, Tennessee has the perfect spot for everyone. From historical places and museums to amusement and national parks, your family would have something new to explore each day of their trip. However, before you take your family on any trip, it’s essential to figure out what to do there beforehand. After all, it’s not easy to select the right destination from the countless appealing destinations, especially when it comes to Tennessee. So, to help you make the most out of your family trip, here are the top 5 things to do in Tennessee.

1.      Explore Nature at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park

The Great Smokey Mountains national park is part of Tennessee’s identity. It is one of the most visited destinations in America. No family trip to Tennessee is complete without visiting the Great Smokey Mountains national park. You can take your family to this national park to explore its unmatched beauty through hiking. Alongside having a healthy activity, you will have the opportunity to witness mesmerizing locations, such as Laurel falls, Clingmans Dome, and Cade’s Cove. However, if you’re not a fan of hiking, you can also book a Jeep tour. The national park is also known for its diverse wildlife, including black bears and white-tailed deer. If you plan your trip in June, you may even witness the beautiful synchronous fireflies.

However, you can’t explore the Great Smokey Mountains and exciting nearby destinations in a single day. So, it’s best to spend a few days in Pigeon Forge. It’s a good idea to find suitable accommodation for you and your family to ensure a memorable family trip. Therefore, you can search online for Pigeon Forge cabins to get your booking in advance to save your time and money.

2.      Visit Dollywood

Dollywood is one of the main attractions in Tennessee, as 3 million people visit it each year. It’s a trendy theme park, which is home to several different types of rides. Regardless of age, everyone is bound to have fun in this amusement park, as everyone rides. Dollywood has nine top-notch rollercoasters for all ages, including the Lightning Rod, the world’s fastest wood coaster. If you visit Dollywood in summer, you can also take your family to the Dollywood Splash Country to enjoy water rides.

However, Dollywood isn’t just about rides. It allows you to explore and enjoy the culture of East Tennessee. There are many shows and entertainment events, such as musical shows, festivals, and firework shows, that you can enjoy experiencing the culture of Tennessee. To make the trip even better, Dollywood has several restaurants and foods to enjoy. Food is one of the main attractions at Dollywood, alongside rides.

3.      Experience History

Tennessee has a rich historical background that you can explore by visiting a variety of different locations. Visiting the city of Franklin should be on top of your list if you’re a history enthusiast. While visiting this area, you get the opportunity to explore the historic main street, which is home to numerous exciting shops. You can also book tours to explore the historic homes in Franklin, such as the Carnton, which was built in 1826 by Nashville mayor Randal McGavock. Its proximity to the Battle of Franklin adds to its rich historical background. Around 1,500 soldiers are buried in a cemetery located next to this home. Often the bloodstains of soldiers and generals are still visible on the front porch of Carnton Plantation. Such sights allow you to live history once again. Alongside Carnton Plantation, the city of Franklin is also home to many museums and historical events that you can explore

However, the city of Franklin isn’t the only historical area in Tennessee. Nashville is another great place to visit for learning more about the history of Tennessee. Nashville is most known for its musical background, being home to several famous artists and musicians. You can also visit the home of President Jackson and have a fun tour of the place.

4.      Visit Ruby Falls

Ruby falls is another great destination to explore nature and immerse yourself in it. It’s the country’s deepest underground waterfall, descending 145 feet under the Lookout Mountain. People are seen traveling from all around the world to see the remarkable Ruby Falls. You can take a guide with yourself to learn about the waterfall while witnessing the beautiful rock formations with Ruby Falls illuminated with beautiful lights right beside you. Some tours will also take you to caves below Lookout Mountain to show rare rock formations.

However, the fun doesn’t end once you’ve visited Ruby Falls. There are several different destinations around Lookout Mountain. Rock City is one of the most popular destinations. You can take your family for a scenic stroll through the mesmerizing trail of Rock City, which extends for 4,100 feet. While you’re on the trail, you’ll encounter breathtaking sights, including caves, rock formations, and gardens. One of the most interesting spots on this trail is the view of the seven states, which allows you to witness seven states of America using a binocular at Lover’s Leap.

5.      Have Fun at the Adventure Science Center

A family trip is incomplete without educational entertainment. The adventure science center is the perfect spot to fulfill this need. Located on top of a hill, this exciting science center covers 44,000 square feet of space, boasting 175 exhibits covering topics such as physics, biology, astronomy, space, and weather.

While exploring these exhibits, you won’t simply observe interesting things but will also have the opportunity to enjoy interactive activities. For example, in the Space Chase exhibition, you’ll get to experience a zero-gravity environment just like an astronaut. On the other hand, the BodyQuest exhibit allows you to learn how the immune system works with the help of interactive lasers. Not to mention, the adventure tower gives you a breathtaking view of Nashville.


You can check these things that you should do in Nashville, TN. Tennessee is the ideal place to visit if you’re planning a family trip. However, it’s best to figure out what you’ll do once you’ve arrived at your destination. Without doing so, you might end up ruining your trip, as you won’t know what to do. So, make sure to find the right destination and activity, such as those mentioned above, for a memorable trip.

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