If you’ve come here to have your mind blown then you’re in luck — this is a video of a ladder walking on it’s own. The vid was taken by Redditor and Vimeo-er Askika who I now have many questions for. Mainly just WTF? and HOW? Plus, MAGIC? IS THIS MAGIC? Also, this isn’t a question, but THANK YOU because my mind = blown. Now watch and enjoy your brain shattering into a million tiny pieces. Or if your brain is as tiny as mine, then it’ll be closer to like twenty tiny pieces. But still!

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  1. April Dawn

    Momentum . This is the same phenomenon used by inhabitants of Easter Island to move and place the monolith stone carvings . In this case of the ladder , the feet were not planted evenly , either because it was not opened and the side braces were not locked , or the driveway beneath is not 100 % flat . I have been working off of ladders for 15 years and have felt this movement if the feet were not properly planted . It’s scary if your on the ladder and it starts to “walk” ! That’s how many people loose their balance and fall from ladders.