This Pikachu charger makes me kinda uncomfortable. [Rocket24News]

Sesame Street parodies Orange is the New Black with a bit called Orange is the New Snack. PRIMO! [Rolling Stone]

Cowboy Beebop is getting a live-action TV series. [Nerd Approved]

The worst food fails of all food fails are so bad, they’re good. [Buzzfeed]

Speaking of fails, here are the best miniature fails. These are such tiny fails, they’re actually cute. [Tastefully Offensive]

Now, this video of a man’s cool waterslide move? It is not a fail. It is the opposite of a fail. It is a win, if you will. [Mashable]

Monty Python themed Monopoly is here now. [Geekologie]

A bird steals a fry directly from a teen’s mouth. [Digg]

20 hilarious reasons people didn’t go on second dates. [Pleated-Jeans]

Sooooo that’s what a pug’s skull looks like and now I will never look at a pug the same way ever again. [IFL Science]

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