Have you ever wondered what a cat completely shaved except its face looks like? You are in luck!! This is that. [Boing Boing]

Oh, uh, so that’s why narwhals have tusks. For like, completely violent reasons. I liked it better before, when I thought they were magical like unicorn horns. [Science Alert]

Watch this guy troll an IRS scammer. Scamming a scammer! Classic. [Digg]

Yawning may promote bonding between dogs and people. Science is weird. [NPR]

A patient is having his ankle reset so the doctor gave him ketamine. The result is pretty hysterical. [Reddit]

Here comes Instagram, swooping in on another Snapchat feature. [TechCrunch]

Chanel was selling a $1,325 boomerang. Brb, eye rolling forever. [NYT]

Check out this Triadic Ballet footage for some seriously freaky deaky cool ballet. Hint: scroll alllll the way down to find the vid. [Hint]

Is this how you tow a boat? Because it makes perfect sense to me. [Geekologie]

Luck Charms is giving away 1000 boxes of MARSHMALLOWS ONLY. Dreams really do come true, you guys. [Foodbeast]

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