Man, toast must really be “in” this season, because we’ve been seeing some pretty cool toaster concepts lately like the Toaster Catapult and Transparent Toaster. And Jamy is no exception. The concept, created by Nathan Brunstein, is a toaster that prints the day’s weather forecast on your toast. Haha, good luck trying to read it before I shove the whole thing in my mouth and swallow without chewing. Is it gonna be sunny? A slight chance of showers? Ten degrees below zero? You may never know, that weather-toast is loooong gone. And by “long gone” I mean “lodged in my throat.” Could’ve used some more butter. You know, really lube up the old trachea like a Slip N Slide. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. Max

    I mean C’MON! Can at least the gadgets you include on your site be an actual PROTOTYPE!?!
    What the (bleep) is the use of having a ‘concept drawing’ of the gadget when it doesn’t even exist!?! Any concept drawings should be pushed to a Photoshop site!

  2. Suzy

    Yay for carcinogens!

  3. Mr_Shopkick


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