The modern smartphone boasts a spec list not too distant from the average laptop, with higher-end devices from Samsung and Apple offering RAM in excess of 4GB, alongside 4K displays and audio quality to rival their larger-screen cousin.

And whether you’re a phone aficionado or just somebody who likes having the latest tech, there are few greater thrills than unboxing a brand new model for the first time. But are we really getting the most out of our handsets’ power?

In this article, we will identify three ways to push your phone’s spec to the limit. Specifically, we will be focusing on means for testing its processing power, showcasing the power of the display and discovering the power of the inbuilt camera.

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Snap happy

Such are the photographic capabilities of modern smartphones, the standalone digital camera is practically a thing of the past. While the pros still utilise specialist equipment for their projects, consumer-level cameras have almost completely vanished.

The latest iPhone offers HDR video recording and 12 megapixels for static image capture, alongside the ability to deliver true depth to images and capture moments in even the darkest of conditions. Stock image websites like EyeEm offer budding snappers the opportunity to sell their work to users, and many of the photographs on sale have indeed been captured on mobile devices. It’s the perfect opportunity to see what your phone’s camera can do.

In living colour

The vibrant displays on today’s devices are a far cry from the monochromatic experiences offered by the phones of the late 90s and early 00s. The ultra-high-definition displays on the newest phones can depict vivid scenes with little effort.

This makes them perfect for reviewing your photographs, but perhaps an even better way to put the power of the display to the test is by playing some of the boldest and brightest modern games that are available on mobile. Fruit Kings features a rich range of colours throughout the platform, with many of their games utilising vivid illustrations to deliver immersive casino experiences. Platforms like this are ideal for discovering the true display potential of your new phone.

Power play

The processing power offered by the newest phones can cast shade over many mid-range laptops. Combined with the larger displays, modern mobiles can be used for intensive tasks like editing video, designing graphics and even building websites.

It’s no surprise, then, that there are so many video editing apps designed especially for mobile phones, allowing users to post-edit captured footage on the go and upload it to their YouTube channel without ever having to pull up behind a desk. Photo editing apps like Pixlr and Snapseed are also perfect for mobile use and enable even the most inexperienced designer to create an attractive poster or social media graphic with just a few quick taps.

As you can see, pushing your phone’s power to its absolute limit can be both fun and rewarding. And with many flagship handsets setting consumers back hundreds of pounds, it makes absolute sense to invest in ensuring you’re getting the absolute most out of your purchase.

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