Physicist David Neevel created a machine to separate the OREO cookie from the creme. This is a video of the thing in action. It’s a pretty complicated contraption considering he could just like, use his fingers or a spoon or whatever. You’d think he went through all this trouble because he wants to skip the cookie and go straight for the creme, but noooo. Dude doesn’t like the creme part! Now I know what you’re thinking and I’m right there with you: whaaaaaat? The creme is the best part! Hey Dave (can I call you Dave?), if you’re looking for volunteers to take all that OREO filling off your hands, I know a person. It’s me, I’m talking about me.

Thanks to the Royal Angel King for the tip. He was like  “If the creme’s on your side you have to marry me and if it’s on my side I have to marry youuu,” and I was all “Deal, but if the creme’s on your side, can I please eat your side?”

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