Machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, etc., are up and coming technical fields that have seen a huge surge in demand in the last few years. With the rising popularity and demand, there is also a requirement for trained professionals in these fields. While these terms are used generally, there are a lot of skills that are required to become a successful machine learning professional. Understanding the basics of machine learning is important to grasp all the prerequisites for machine learning jobs. People undergo extensive Machine Learning training to get these skills and make themselves skilled in the field.

Machine learning as a concept is a part of Artificial Intelligence and is primarily concerned about enabling machines and computers to learn and function without explicit programming at every stage of the process. With such technical requirements for machine learning jobs, proper qualification, certification, and training are important to learn the essential skills. Getting jobs as a Machine Learning engineer can be difficult due to the high competition and therefore, it is important to keep yourself skilled and updated in the field you want to work in. 

Some of the most common skills that employers are looking for in Machine Learning experts are-

Machine learning involves the use of numbers, data, and models that require good statistical skills. Employers often prefer candidates with a background in Mathematics or Statistics as these subjects are often used in the day-to-day job of a Machine Learning professional. Various branches of statistics are used to perform a different set of functions such as variance analysis, hypothesis testing, etc. These skills are required to build the different algorithms that allow computers to work without constant programming instructions. Statistical models are required to ensure that everything works smoothly and therefore, this skill plays a major role in the job profile of a Machine Learning professional. 

  • Probability

It is another one of the most important skills required to become a Machine Learning professional and get machine learning jobs. Probability is an aspect of applied mathematics that allows a firm to see the future consequences of a decision taken in the present. Algorithms that are created in Machine Learning are often based on conditions that are vague, uncertain, and sometimes, even unreliable and therefore, the probability is required to ascertain the chances of success or failure. This skill is useful when machine learning professionals have to set different parameters in the algorithms and a strong mathematical foundation is important. 

  • Computer Science Knowledge

Computer science knowledge is one of the most important prerequisites for machine learning jobs. Various concepts such as algorithms, data structures, etc. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer science engineering can prove useful here. Prior knowledge of these basic concepts can help you secure the jobs you are aiming for. You can also learn these skills by taking up certification and foundation courses. 

  • Programming Languages

Along with basic computer science knowledge, knowing a few programming languages is also significant. Working knowledge of programming languages is a must to be eligible for any machine learning jobs. With a plethora of programming languages and every language having different uses, it is imperative to invest your time and efforts in the correct ones. 

Most employers hiring machine learning professionals are looking for individuals who are well-versed in at least Python, R, or C/C++. Knowledge of more than one language would be a plus. Python is a preferred programming language among data scientists and machine learning engineers due to its extensive and useful library that helps in better scientific computing and efficient data processing. R is a language that is developed for data and statistical computing tasks and is, therefore, a good fit for machine learning engineers. C and C++ help develop the basics of the machine learning program. 

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

Individuals looking to make a successful career in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning should have a working knowledge of most of the common machine learning algorithms. This is important as one of the main responsibilities of a machine learning engineer is to create different algorithms. Some of the most common algorithms include K Means Clustering, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine, etc.  

  • Data Modeling and Evaluation

Data modeling refers to analyzing, evaluating, and understanding the basic data structure to figure out patterns that are not normally visible. This modeling and evaluation process is also done through programming and algorithms and forms a major part of Machine Learning. 

  • Software Design

Machine learning as an individual field would not be beneficial to a large range of requirements. Therefore, coupling it with other fields such as software design is required to ensure that it is being used to its full potential. Therefore, people looking for machine learning jobs should make sure that they are highly skilled in Application User Interface, dynamic and static libraries, etc. 

  • Communication Skills

This soft skill is a must-have regardless of which field or industry you choose to work in. In today’s competitive world, communication skills play a very important role. Candidates are required to excel in this skill to portray their other skills. Therefore, this becomes a prerequisite for getting a good machine learning job. 

Along with some of these basic prerequisites, people looking for machine learning jobs can also focus on industry-specific or company-specific skills that will help them crack the selection process. There is a high demand for trained professionals in the market. Machine Learning is an up-and-coming field of work with a lot of growth potential. All sizes of businesses, be it small, medium, or large, are trying to make the best use of the evolving technology of machine learning. According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, by 2030, the global GDP can be expected to rise by 14% due to advancements in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This indicates that there is a lot of scope in this field and with the right skills and training, you can get your desired machine learning job. 

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