If you’re looking to get more into video streaming and gaming and you’re hoping to get a phone that can do all these and more, the iPhone Xs Max should be one of your top options.


Pronounced as “Ten S Max” this iPhone was the largest smartphone Apple has released when it was first launched back then.


Built with a 6.5-inch display screen, with no noticeable screen bezel including the top screen notch, the ‘Xs max was a dominant smartphone in the hands of its users.


So, if you’re looking to have a phone that can withstand heavy usages like video streaming and other kinds of stuff that probably drains phone battery, the expansive display of the Xs Max will make gaming and video streaming and browsing more enjoyable and fun on the go.


Although, you might notice it missing out some features you probably noticed on, for instance, the iPhone 11, like the night photography capability, however, the ‘Xs Max still retains many great features and at a reduced cost to the iPhone 11.


That means you get a plus-sized smartphone designed with the best IOS software meant to make you enjoy a great media display.


So, If you’re still interested in picking up a smartphone that can make life easier and more fun, the iPhone Xs Max is your best bet. Here are some more features that make this smartphone a delight to have.


The Camera


The Xs Max comes fully fitted with 3 cameras, Two at the rear, and one on the front, and each of these camera features did get a noticeable upgrade over previous iPhone versions.


The dual rear camera still maintains its 12 megapixels with an f/1.8 for a wide-angle and f/2.4 for the telephoto. And the upgrades make these pixels come out much deeper and larger allowing the sensor to receive more light.


However, one small grey area where the Xs Max camera lag behind compared to other versions is that of picture detail – Although you will hardly notice the details you’ll still see that important details in a picture are reduced to smudges when you zoom in on the object closely.


Also, the way the camera snaps the pictures has been improved upon by Apple. Taking a tow from Google, the iPhone Xs uses a new feature called ‘smart HDR’ and computational photography to enhance shadows and highlights in pictures.


To avoid any sort of shutter lag, the phone camera is designed to start capturing the moment you opened the app. This way it combines multiple shots so it could avoid overexposure.


If you’re just upgrading from iPhone 8 or X, you will notice something about the smart HDR; and that is, taking pictures to another level, making it easier and more reliable to handle.


Many users have observed and commented that the images captured by the Xs Max were correctly in-focus which is something that most other phones are actually lacking. The camera color also receives some boost with a deeper definition between different hues including the new sensor – doing a fantastic job at capturing subtle changes when exposed to light.


And this is something the ‘8 or ‘X struggles to do, especially handling varying light in a single picture.


Also, with the larger pixel, low light performance is a thing of the past. The low light feature is one of the areas many smartphones lag behind, but photos were taken during the night with the Xs Max come out brighter when compared with the previous models, so the larger pixels did improve the low light performance of this handset


For instance, dark areas are illuminated, picture noise is kept low while other details remain intact, however, it does seem that the brightening of darker areas makes the picture quality look less true to life especially when compared to some Android phones in the market.


The video recording is quite impressive with the rear camera shooting at 4k in 24fps to 60fps along with 1080p in either 30 or 60fps. even when shot in below 4k/60fps, the HDR will boost the quality and you will not notice any difference.


So, whichever format you decide to shoot your video, the result will definitely come out very well. The camera stabilization is top-notch, the detail is crisp while the colors are bright and punchy. Also, the sound quality is fantastic and it comes out in the stereo recording.


OLED Display


The display marks a turning point; this is one great benefit Xs Max has over the cheaper XR and is actually adjudged to be the most impressive smartphone screen your money can afford.


While the other models like XS have a 5.8-inch size and a 2436 x 1125 resolution OLED display which is also the same with the iPhone X, the Xs Max comes fully built with a 6.5-inch 2688 x 1242 resolution OLED display. However, both smartphones have a pixel density of 458 PPI.


This is the reason the display comes out sharper, brighter, with more color accuracy – the best Apple has ever had from its smartphone line. Also, it should be mentioned that the glass casing of the ‘X Max’ has been improved against previous models. So, if you want a big sized screen to do lots of kinds of stuff like browsing on the internet or streaming videos, this device is a no brainer


Water Resistance


Although you hardly notice this feature but it’s there, the iPhone Xs Max is specially engineered with the IP68 rated dust, splash, and water resistance. This is one step up from the IP67 rating that is found in Xs which means that when your phone accidentally is thrown in water for close to 30 minutes which is like twice the time the IP67 allows it still remains intact,


So if you accidentally drop your phone into a swimming pool or in a kitchen sink, it has a capacity to withstand the water pressure without you needing a replacement or hunting down a phone repairer.


Worth the Hefty Price Tag?


In conclusion, with all these features which are great if you are looking to buy a smartphone that makes life easier and more comfortable, however, the price at which this iPhone is sold for is definitely something so many people frowned at.


When Apple launched the iPhone X some few years ago, the model was the first to cross the unprecedented $1000 mark; selling at a $999 entry model and over $1000 range if you want more storage. In fact, the XS Max once was the priciest phone Apple has ever released, and the fact that it’s more expensive than a model Macbook pro makes it a no-go area for some average smartphone buyers. However, some sellers in Australia like Phonebot, Jbhifi and Officeworks are still selling the iPhone XS Max at a discounted price. For example, Phonebot is retailing iPhone XS Max 64gb for $849 AUD and you can grab one today


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