I’m not sure about you but for me SEO for my business website is a constant sweat. Did you know that videos can shortcut your path to page one? With a good movie editing suite you could start moving up the rankings and getting that vital Page 1. I did!

Video and search

According to Search Engine Watch, “More dwell time directly translates to Google recognizing your video and the page it’s featured on as something of value. The more dwell time you have, the better your pages will be ranked. Sweet!”

It continued, “According to Martech.zone, a well-optimized video can increase your chances of getting featured on the front page of Google by as much as a factor of 53.”

Movavi and me…

Not everyone does outdoorsy stuff with mountain bikes being ridden down mountains and dolphins surfing in front of your boat. Nor are cat antics particularly good for a professional website in most cases!

For me I found that screen capture is an important way of showing people what I do. As a writing marketing coach there are all sorts of marketing techniques and skills that I show to my coaches that are better ‘shown’ than ‘told’. A classic example may be in showing people how to locate the main contact at a business on LinkedIn when all you have is a website with an ‘info@‘ email address. This takes a number of steps that with a screen movie I can show step by step. As a ‘free resource’ for people who don’t subscribe to my coaching, it in turn improves my SEO rankings by being visible to Google.

This is why I started looking for a good movie suite that has screen capture. Movavi is a Windows based platform you can download for free and if it suits you, upgrade to Movavi for Business for a fee. When looking for video editor suites you can end up paying hundreds of dollars a year – if money is an issue at all don’t even dream of Adobe Creative Suite for this job!

The system once installed is really easy to use with intuitive windows and a very good support system that can get you up and running in just 20 – 30 minutes. The investment of time and money are low and for this you can make videos that draw in potential customers and tell Google that they are likely to spend that vaunted ‘dwell time’ and thereby improve your rankings.

For my part I moved to Movavi for Business as it is a really good platform that does its job very well. Want to improve the quality of a shaky video or a poorly lit image for your video? The system does that in just a few clicks too. That meant I could take some OK clips and make them really stand out from the crowd.

My SEO experience?

As to my own SEO experience from having high quality videos on my site? It certainly seems to have worked as I moved from Page 10 of the rankings right up to Page 4 – and now the business is really rolling in!

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