The Trump administration has placed, Huawei, which is a Chinese brand, on the entity list considering it a threat to national security. This means that the US companies are limited to the business that they can do with this company.

  • Google blocked android updates to Huawei’s future phones
  • ARM, which is a UK based chip designer, has stopped all activities with Huawei
  • Retailers across the globe fear about the sanctions and have stopped dealing with the company

Huawei has a temporary license to work but there is no clarity on it being granted full permission to operate.    

The ban and its impact on the Huawei phone

Google Play will continue to work on the already existing devices from Huawei. The current devices that have been sold by Huawei will continue getting security updates as promised by Google. The brand will also continue to offer after-sales service to those that have been sold or are in stock.

However, the ban will delay the launch of MateX. A lot of money has been spent on its marketing but the brand has now paused the stocking to first understand the implications of the ban.

The current models will still get speedy updates but one does not know for how long will that continue. The network providers are edgy about the Huawei sanctions, which is again not good news for the brand.

The future phones

Huawei’s future phones will move away from Google, which means that the Chinese brand will not have access to the Google Play Store. This is a big blow to the brand. It also will not have access to the core apps of Google. The brand will have to work with other developers to create versions for the phone and this could be devastating. The history of Nokia and Microsoft failing to deliver is an example of this.

Losing access to the Google Play Store will need a lot of investment to attract developers to create options for apps to keep its smartphone users happy. The end could be that the brand may have no choice but to stop making smartphones.

What happens when ARM stops working with Huawei

The chip designer ARM has decided to stop working with the Chinese brand. This could be expensive and difficult for the brand to replace.

How does it affect other brands?

There is no impact on other smartphone brands directly. However, the message is now clear that global politics has a key role to play on the marketing and manufacturing of consumer devices.


If you were thinking about buying a Huawei phone, it would probably be best to look at alternatives after this ban, take a look here for alternatives. Huawei has had a major role in the development of technologies in the smartphone industry. The ban will slow the inventions in this industry. Its competitors always had a push to invent things to stay in the competition. However, with the ban on Huawei, the other smartphone manufacturers are sure to get lenient. The ban may also lead to a new operating system which could be a serious challenge to Android.

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