Developers must have a great combination of soft and technical skills to get hired in a preferred position. Nowadays, React Native is one of the most used frameworks. For the employees, that means a vast choice of professionals who can join the company or even an option to hire a remote team to work on a specific project.

So, if you consider learning React Native, you have to know that you have great chances to grow as a freelancer react native developer or stay in a team and work together on advanced app solutions.

No matter what you choose, you have to be aware of the required skills, which might include:

1. Knowledge of JavaScript

React Native is based on React JS, which means it uses JavaScript logic and components. So, make sure you know and understand JavaScript before you take this bite.

You have some options on how to do that, for example, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or an online course. No matter what you choose, you have to practice and write JavaScript codes at home. Don’t stop until you are able to build a project yourself.

If you still can’t do that, you aren’t ready to move to React JS and React Native.

2. Learn React JS and React Native

When you are confident with your JavaScript skills, it’s time to move to React JS.

React JS, often referred to as React, is a JS library of components and code pieces. That means you can take those elements and reuse them all over again to build exceptional websites and applications.

Later, you can use that code while you develop native apps with React Native.

Again, practicing is key. Don’t stop writing and building code, even when it seems, it’s too trivial to do that.

3. Put Your Hands on the Official Documentation

Once you understand the difference between JavaScript, React JS, and React Native, you are ready to proceed with the next step. It’s time to build complex apps with many enabled features because the usual “Hello World” sequences are just for fun.

Now you need to focus on the official docs for every React Native aspect worth knowing. You need to spend enough time while learning and understanding the documentation and even take some tutorials to understand the basics of this framework.

It will help you get familiar with the syntax and specific elements used to build highly-functional apps.

4. Start as a Freelancer

Before you apply for a company job, you may need to try and work as a freelancer until you gain some experience. Being a freelancer allows you to practice your technical skills and try working on projects that are compatible with your expertise.

Once you get the needed experience, you will be able to apply to any opening for react native developer for hire. After that, things can only be better for you.

5. Build Your Portfolio

You may write unique pieces of code and launch them as micro apps. We suggest saving their working versions for your portfolio.

When you have a nice portfolio, your potential employers can see what you can do and estimate if you are eligible for their position. Feel free to share it when they ask for proof of proficiency.

6. Enhance Your Soft Skills

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the importance of soft skills, besides the technical knowledge in React Native. Even though they have nothing to do with your ability to develop an exceptional app, they can increase your chances of getting hired, easing the whole process for you.

First, you have to know how to maintain a professional level of communication. You must know how to give instructions, ask questions, and create relationships with clients, employers, or coworkers. Many think that developers are introverts and lack communication skills, but they only know how to address the important things without defocusing on the issue.

Empathy is the second soft skill you need to embrace. If you work with people, you need to understand their problems and behavior and see how to ease their situation. That means you don’t need to make things harder for them just because they are at work. And probably you expect the same level of empathy for you too.

And finally, being patient makes a lot of difference. You may need to review and test many apps and sometimes do repetitive tasks until you resolve some problem. But, patience is one of the key soft skills for every professional, including React Native developers.

7. Don’t Stop Learning

Maybe you went through the documentation and tutorials, or you got your bachelor’s degree, but your learning process doesn’t stop there. Once you start working on real projects, you will face many challenges. That requires finding quick solutions and implementing them in the apps you build.

Even when you think that you’ve mastered React Native, you still have many things to learn. When working on a real project, you will be in a situation to improvise or even be innovative and write some code pieces yourself. Don’t worry, even when it seems the challenge is too hard to handle.

Your continuous-learning attitude will help you learn how to resolve common issues and get familiar with as many tools as possible. During this journey, you will be able to write clean and neat code and even teach someone to adopt good programming practices.

That’s how you grow as a React Native developer and gain more technical and professional skills.

Team of developer programmer working on project in software development computer in IT company office, Writing codes and data code website and coding database technologies to find problem solution.

Final Words

React Native embraces new updates and technologies daily. That’s great for all the software developers who want to create useful applications that work on every operating system.

We must say that both developers and tech companies love React Native because it allows professional and personal growth. Being able to execute iOS and Android apps while assembling one code for them is a time and money-saving approach.

Being React Native developer means you can build excellent apps that work on multiple platforms. Isn’t that great for you?

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