The infographic image helps convert complex information and hard data into visually appealing and easily visual images. The only problem is how to make a simple infographic while still delivering the necessary content. Illustrator, Photoshop is a tool for almost everyone. But if you are not a designer and would like to try to implement an infographic into your marketing content. What to do?


Today, I would like to introduce you a design tool that is suitable for you non-designers. Here is the recommended service DesignCap Infographic Maker. Infographics can be easily created on the browser and used for social media platforms and online marketing content.


What is DesignCap?


DesignCap is a tool that allows you to create many types of graphic designs for free, with thousands of ready-made pro templates. It is an application created for designers as well as non-designers. Anyone can design and build a beautiful and functional infographic without knowledge because of the numerous templates and flexible editing features that you can adjust the data and elements later.


For example, if you want to create an infographic to show the data of countries, territories, or areas with reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, the program also has such kind of templates. After choosing the template, add dynamic maps into the design and import data from your local files of XLS, XLSX, or CSV. When uploading data, you are able to make some adjustments to the color, size, or choose specific areas, change its title, etc. Once everything looks great, share it and call everybody to take care of themselves and prevent it correctly.



Highlighted features


This site comes with many great features, such as:


  • As I mentioned above, it contains a vast library of ready-made templates, covering almost all types of graphic designs.
  • You can edit any template very quickly with the many handy tools.
  • You can upload your photos or search them from millions of stock images.
  • The site contains an extensive library of icons and shapes that you can use in your design creatively.
  • Besides icons, shapes, and stock photos, DesignCap offers many other resources such as preset text styles, modules, background, etc.
  • It is one of the most potent infographic design tools for companies that rely on data and numbers continuously.
  • It is cloud-based, which allows you to save and re-edit your design online whenever you want.
  • It allows you to share the design anywhere with the produced URL. You can also download it as an image file.


What’s else in DesignCap?


Talking former in this article, DesignCap can help you create almost all kinds of designs like YouTube banners, presentations, posters, flyers, Facebook covers, reports, cards, invitations, etc. Recently, they updated a serial of templates for preventing COVID-19. You can find this type of templates is located into categories of Poster, Infographic, Facebook post, Instagram post. To get to know more about its template type, check DesignCap’s Template section.


It’s time to create your infographic


Creating an Infographic using Photoshop and Illustrator tools is not easy for an amateur in the design and often takes a long time to implement, which is why you need to use a more straightforward application to complete.


As online Photoshop for non-professional, DesignCap is an app designed for people to be able to visualize images without having to learn complicated tools quickly. If you work in the field of social media, and you want to design infographics and other images, then this site will be the right choice for you.



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