The digital advertising opened up for blockchain shortly after the data inflation and discrepancy news landed online, publishers and advertisers started looking for an alternative that delivers transparency. The advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook ads, and others were happily enjoying their grasp over the digital advertising market for the last decade. These companies are manipulating the information and data for making a large profit margin. Now the question is, what is blockchain, and how will it help in digital advertising?


Blockchain and its role as an Ad platform

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that consists of the records on the numerous distributed transactions among users of cryptocurrencies. Different industries can also use it to maintain a ledger. This is a decentralized technology that doesn’t need supervision, as the data is not present in any local server while being stored in servers distributed globally.


Blockchain technology will be proved very useful for the advertisers, and its significance will show the change. In the last few decades, advertising firms have been collecting personal data from users, such as their buying patterns. This helped them to determine the campaigns once they exploited their customers’ private spaces.


With blockchain, that is a different story, as it is a secure environment for the advertisers and publishers. This technology helps them to reach out to the right audience and make safe transactions. For understanding blockchain better, you can invest in bitcoins, and see how the system works.


For investing in bitcoins, you will have to visit auto trading software and explore your options thoroughly. Once you do this, you will be able to see the blockchain that shows all the transactions.


The statistical update

It is said that the blockchain market will peak over $23.3 billion by 2023 while $176 billion by 2025. Digital advertising is foreseen to hike over $427.26 billion by 2022. You have some idea on the business both these industries are looking at; let’s talk about what it has to offer.


Blockchain Technology and digital advertisements


  1. Buying and Selling of Ads without a middleman

When blockchain is put to service, no intermediaries will be benefited from the advertising platforms online. The trust and transparency issue that the ad industry has will be cleared out by the blockchain technology.


  1. Clarity and fraud prevention down the supply chain of ads

All the clicks that you make don’t take you to an authentic location. This can lead to difficulties in understanding the frauds and the payment made by you under that impression. When folded with some other relevant tools, the blockchain technology will serve as a service that detects flag sites with discrepancies of clicks and scanning bots that will push the ad budget to authentic sites with genuine clicks.


  1. Target Audience

The blockchain technology will help the ad industry to reach out to the right target customers. As we know, the blockchain is famous for recording data and will help recognize people who have used those products or services that the ad industry wants to advertise.


  1. Ads on social media

There are loads of fake news that lands on online platforms and social media channels. The blockchain technology can control this as it is distributed in nature and promotes transparency and traceable attributes. This can help in limiting fraud ads on social media.


  1. Verification of ads

Blockchain decreased the part of third-party platforms for verifying ads. They check if those ads comply with the provided guidelines or not. This helps to save a considerable amount of time for the advertisers.


  1. Managing the Content

Blockchain makes the delivery of content more accurate and data-driven. Content creation, content discovery, content personalization, and content monetization will become easy within these platforms driven by blockchain technology.


  1. Ad delivery customization

Nobody is interested in watching the same ads over and over again, and this increases ad fatigue. However, the advertisers failed to control the delivery of advertisements that were posted on the prime advertising platforms. On the other hand, with blockchain, the advertisers will have complete control over limiting the ads’ frequency that follows the objectives of their campaign.


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