AngularJS is one of the top open source frameworks.  It has increased in popularity over the years due to its ease of use, its simplicity, and its features like quick development and less code.  Plus, thanks to its natural and rich web applications, it gives developers plenty of options when it comes to developing both mobile apps and single page sites.  In this article, we’re going to provide a brief rundown on the reasons web developers should learn AngularJS if they haven’t already.

1. It’s Easy to Adopt and Understand

Some frameworks can be incredibly difficult to understand, much less adopt, but AngularJS isn’t like this.  In fact, it’s possible to get started straight away with the minimum amount of knowledge.  In order to develop an application, for example, all you need to do is add a few attributes to the HTML language.  This can be done in as little as 60 seconds.  The AngularJS framework is then able to improve the HTML and execute the required task, no matter how complex.

2. It Allows for Frequent Testing

Using the AngularJS framework, a developer can perform as many coding tests as they wish.  This is one of the biggest benefits of using the framework, as in this day and age, it’s never been more important to ensure that your application is free of errors before it is launched to the public.  Developing bug-free apps and websites has, however, never been easier when you choose to develop them with AngularJS.

3. Reduce Line Coding

When developing a site or an app, it’s important for developers to use as little code as possible.  Not only does additional code mean there are likely to be more errors present, but it can also mean that it runs slowly due to bloat.  AngularJS reduces the amount of code needed to create an app, and furthermore, HTML makes doing this easy too as there’s no need to create an MVC pipeline.

4. It Handles Dependencies Well

Some frameworks require a lot of effort when it comes to arranging dependencies.  However, AngularJS is designed to eliminate this, which also helps to reduce dynamic loading.  Developers, therefore, don’t have to worry about instance and namespace; all they need to do is name it and let AngularJS handle everything.  By taking care of the complete lifecycle, AngularJS is steps ahead of many of the other frameworks in use today.

5. It Provides High Performance

Simple maintenance is one of the main things that draws developers to AngularJS, but its robust nature and ease of use when it comes to debugging aren’t far behind.  AngularJS makes it incredibly simple to make minor changes and eliminate any errors that are created.  Combined, these all ensure a high level of performance for the finished product.

As more people begin looking to make their own web apps, it’s important to use a framework that you can trust.  The above are just some of the reasons why AngularJS is a top choice.

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