When you have to choose the best portable speaker for you there are numerous things you have to take into account. Luckily these devices come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. The price varies as well and you can easily find the one that fits into your budget.


If you are into listening to music with your friends, having a portable Bluetooth speaker is simply a great addition to your smartphone. Your listening experience will be brought up to a completely new level. Additional equipment is not necessary because almost all the devices we use today (PC, tablet, smartphone etc.) have Bluetooth available. To make thing even better you don’t have to use additional apps or a network connection to use them.


Some additional options you may like about portable speakers are that most of them are either water-proof or splash-proof, and they have a rechargeable battery and most of them will provide a great sound quality. They may not be as loud as the QSC K12 2 Powered Speakers usually favored on events, but they sure are loud enough for a backyard party. You don’t want to lug around heavy equipment when you only need a compact one that gets the job done.


If you are thinking about buying a portable Bluetooth speaker and you are still not sure which one is good for you, feel free to read the following article. We are sure it will give you a slight idea of what you really need.




If you are a party animal look no further. The SOUNDBOKS 2 is the right choice for you. Officially it can easily reach up to 122dB. There is a reason why James Longman ranked this speaker on the first place in his comparison. To make things a bit more clear imagine being at the front row in a rock concert. The average volume in that situation is 120dB. Pretty powerful, right?


The design of this speaker is very good. The outer casing will easily protect the inside of the SOUNDBOKS 2 from any bumps and bangs. According to the manufacturer it is also water-resistant or splash proof, however because there is no visible IP rating on the package we wouldn’t recommend using this speaker by the pool or at the beach.


The weight of this speaker is 35.83 lbs which makes it still fit the portable category. The handles on the side and the optional backpack harness are great addition to the speaker considering its weight.


EcoXGear EcoBoulder+ 


If you need a powerful speaker for your outdoor parties and tailgating events the EcoXGear EcoBoulder+ is another great choice. It can get pretty loud plus the built-in bottle opener and cup holders will easily turn it into everyone’s favorite piece of equipment.


It is a little lighter than the SOUNDBOKS 2 with only 29lbs. The retractable handle and built-in wheels make it easily portable. The battery life is just great – around 24 hours is definitely more than you need. And the built-in AM/FM radio is a good option as well.


UE Wonderboom 2 


The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is quite the opposite in size and weight when compared to the previous speakers.  It is very portable, just like carrying a bigger apple. Besides all the useful features it has, the one we liked the most is the Outdoor Boost mode. This mode makes this thing much louder. All the other features like ease of pairing, great design, the super-long Bluetooth range and the control buttons helped this speaker find its place on this list.


JBL Xtreme 2 


When it comes to sound quality we have to point out the JBL Xtreme 2. It gets close to some high-quality stereo systems. When compare to the first two speakers on this list, the JBL Extreme 2 not that heavy and the detachable shoulder strap makes it easily portable wherever you need.


The JBL Extreme 2 is labeled with the IPX7 rating so you can feel safe if you take it to the beach or at a pool party.


The battery life of the JBL Extreme 2 is 15 hours and the 89.9dB are more than enough for a good outdoor party.


Aiwa Exos-9


The Aiwa Exos-9 is always on the top of the lists of loudest portable Bluetooth speakers. Although it is portable don’t expect to carry it in your purse or bag. The weight of this beauty is 13lbs which is not that much. One of the first things you will notice is the big grille with LCD display. The capacitive touch control panel is quite handy and beautiful.  The battery life is not as powerful as with the other products on this list but 9 hours is enough for partying all day long. Having the option to buy additional battery packs from the manufacturer’s website is great. You can also use it to charge your smartphone thanks to the USB charging output. Getting the ideal sound for you is easy thanks to the built-in 5-band EQ. It also offers five predefined presets for different music genres.




Bluetooth speakers are a great option for portability and functionality and power. There are other options for speakers and you can find more information on the web, such as the best underseat subwoofers review.



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