If you want to have a good experience, you should expect to make a fairly significant investment when you buy an electronic dab rig. Although cheaper devices certainly exist, they’re hardly worth your time. You want a device that’ll always be ready to go when you want to sit down for a dabbing session. Perhaps even more importantly, you want to buy an electronic dab rig that’s a pleasure to use – something that’s durable, easy to set up and easy to clean. The devices on the bargain rack at your local vape shop simply aren’t going to cut it.

When you begin shopping for an electronic dab rig, though, one of the first things you’ll notice is that there’s a lot of variety in the designs of the different devices. Dab rigs often work very differently from one another, and it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for if you have no previous experience.

In this guide, we’re going to provide the help that you need. Although there are significant differences between the various dab rigs that are on the market today, the best devices always have a few important qualities. Do you want to buy an electronic dab rig that you’ll love? Follow these important tips, and you can’t go wrong.

Buy a Dab Rig That’s Flexible

The first thing to consider when you buy an electronic dab rig is that you may want a device that can do more than just vape waxy concentrates. Depending on where you live, it’s possible that wax may not always be available. There may be times when oily concentrates are all you can find, so it’s a good idea to have a device that can work with both waxes and oils.

A nectar collector is a type of dab rig with a heating element that points down instead of up. When you use a traditional dab rig, you put a piece of wax on the heating element before inhaling. A nectar collector is different because you don’t have to load a chamber or put wax on a coil in order to use the device. Instead, you simply touch the device’s heating element directly to the material. Since there’s nothing to load, a nectar collector like the Stinger from Rokin Vapes works with both oil and wax. The flexibility can be a great enhancement for your vaping experience.

Buy a Dab Rig with Adjustable Power

If you’ve never tried wax vaping before, one of the first things you’ll learn is that waxy concentrates come in a wide variety of different consistencies. Some waxes are so hard that they’re actually difficult to cut into individual portions without heat. Other waxes are so soft that they’re almost not even solid at room temperature. Different types of wax concentrates respond differently to heat. Softer concentrates vaporize almost instantly. When you use a harder wax, though, you need to use gentle heat to melt it before you can take a really big puff. Because of the differences between waxes, it can be extremely helpful to have an electronic dab rig with adjustable power. That way, you can raise or lower the power as needed in order to match the requirements of the wax you’re using.

Buy a Dab Rig with a Built-in Bubbler

Whether you’re using a hard wax or a runny one, one of the things you’ll notice about dabbing is that harshness can sometimes be a concern. When you use your electronic dab rig, you’ll find that the heating element can become extremely hot. When you inhale the vapor from a high-temperature element, it can sometimes cause unpleasant throat irritation. That’s why many people prefer to use their dab rigs with water filtration.

A wide variety of universal water pipe adapters are on the market today, and that usually makes it fairly easy to connect a dab rig to a bong. You can fit a universal adapter to your dab rig’s mouthpiece, and then it’ll connect directly to the stem of your water pipe. The problem with using a universal water pipe adapter, though, is that bongs are large and fragile. They can also be extremely messy if they’re tipped over or broken.

To alleviate the problems of vaping with a full-sized bong, it’s very common for modern electronic dab rigs to provide water filtration in the form of built-in bubblers. In this case, the device will have a small glass vial that you simply fill with water before you start vaping. A built-in bubbler is a far more elegant solution than using a water pipe because bubblers are smaller, more durable and easier to replace. If you want a dab rig that prevents throat harshness the easy way, you definitely want to buy one with a bubbler.

Buy a Dab Rig that’s Easy to Clean

Before you buy any dab rig, one thing that you should definitely do is read the instruction manual and see how the device is put together. That’s because you’ll need to clean the device eventually, and it’s important for you to feel completely comfortable with the process. If you don’t keep your dab rig clean, it’ll eventually start to produce a burnt flavor. Wax concentrates are expensive, and they’re known for their incredible flavor – so the last thing you want is a dab rig that’s coated with black residue.

The ideal design for an electronic dab rig is one that allows you to remove all of the non-electronic components from the device. The non-electronic components of a dab rig usually include a mouthpiece, a heating element and an air path or bubbler. Having the ability to remove these components means that you can safely clean them by immersing them in rubbing alcohol, which will remove any herbal residue in a matter of hours. Maintaining your dab rig is an important part of ensuring that you’ll always have a great vaping experience, and you won’t want to maintain your device if it has an overly complex design that makes it difficult to clean.

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