The world has become busy and fast-paced. People tend to look for ways to relax and loosen up as a result of that. Out of them, marijuana has become an established and popular herb that makes people loosen up and feel happy after its consumption. Some countries around the world have legalized the use of marijuana because of its easy access and availability. A few are; Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Cambodia, North Korea, Italy, Canada, United States of America, Mexico, and more.

It has been bringing tremendous growth to the industry, and people delight to try ways to consume marijuana. These are hookahs, bubblers, hand pipes, bongs, blunts, and the recent addition; dab rigs.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are relatively new to the world of marijuana and are one of the famous and safe instruments used to smoke marijuana concentrates.  They come in a variety of sizes, including the regular, the highly popular mini dab rigs, and even nano. They are known to be a much better alternative than regular smoking. They are a variety of filtration devices with flavors to consume marijuana. Dab rigs work by cooling the vapor using water by placing those concentrates onto a dab nail. Dab rigs look like a water pipe, a smaller pipe, or a bong. There are some factors to be considered when using a dab rig.

Usability: It means how easy and safe it is to use.

Cost: Some are more expensive than others.

How versatile it is: You could use the dab rig for both concentrates and different types of marijuana.

Dab rigs and bongs look similar because of their functions. The difference is what is placed into them. Dab rigs use marijuana wax or concentrate, and bongs use herbs or dry flowers.

Types of Dab Rigs

Glass Dab Rigs

It is one of the best forms of dab rigs. They are sturdy, versatile, and can be customized. Glass dab rigs have different shapes. The size ranges from six inches to twelve inches. Even though they look fragile, they are durable and flashy. Glass dab rigs are made from borosilicate which makes them stronger and can handle any heat generated during dabbing. They have different flavors and have the following

Characteristics of Glass Dab Rigs

They are durable.

They have various options.

Great value.

Benefits of Glass Dab Rigs

Glass Dab Rigs provide the best dabbing experience.

It has more flavors.

They have more accessories.

Silicone Dab Rigs

They are one of the best for dabbing. They are lightweight and can easily fit into your pockets. Apart from being attractive, they have different customization options. Silicone Dab Rigs gives a stress-free dabbing session due to their soft padded design. The material is good and does not give way to odors.

Characteristics of Silicone Dab Rigs

Durable, portable, and easy to clean.

Benefits of Silicone Dab Rigs

Less economical.

They last longer.

They are lighter.

Electronic Dab Rigs

Electronic Dab Rigs are also E-rigs. They are rechargeable devices that use a heating element that connects to power (or battery for the portable ones) which heats an element called quartz for the marijuana wax to go in. Electronic Dab Rigs come in the form of small pens with a carrying case.

Though they are very expensive. Hence their durability and high heat resistance.

Characteristics Electronic Dab Rigs

Portable, expensive, no accessories, and not easy to clean.

Benefits of Electronic Dab Rigs

It is fast to heat up.


Consistent temperature.

They produce vapor from marijuana concentrates.

Macro detail of dab tool with cannabis concentrate aka shatter isolated over white background, medical marijuana extraction concept


Dab nails come in different styles. They also serve as a mouthpiece for inhaling the concentrates to the user while dabbing with dab rigs. They must fit well with a significant amount of airflow and evenly distributed heat. The characteristics are Neck angle and Joint size, Styles, and Bucket sizes.

Types Dab Nails

Quartz Nails: They are one of the most popular ones. They allow users to experience undiluted flavors from the marijuana and heat up very fast. They have a more superb flavor than others.

Ceramic Nails: They are well heated even though they take longer time than others. Ceramic nails offer good taste throughout dabbing. They stand out from others as there are no harmful gases released.

Titanium Grade 2 Dab Nails: They can be easily picked as the best. They are durable, have good retention of heat, and are reliable. They could survive overheating because others would crack and shatter.


Dab rigs are safer and healthier ways of consuming marijuana concentrates. These dab rigs offer users quality and a more reliable smoking experience rather than regular smoking. With dab rigs’ different flavors, nevertheless, you can have a great delivery and optimal enjoyment with whichever you choose.

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