I am loving my new Mile High Hitter!  Not only is the name cool, but the product itself is handy, unique, and lots of fun.

First, the product is incredibly durable.  I am a bit clumsy and I dropped it as soon as I got it outside of the box and I could tell by the sound that it made that this is a solid product.  No scrapes, bumps, or bruises.

Second, it is super tight and controls the stench. This keeps your business to yourself.

One of the biggest benefits of the Mile High Hitter is the XL receptacle.  Take a look at it below.

Mile High Hitter

The packaging says that it is water-resistant, which I didn’t test but I totally believe.  The seal is strong enough to control the stink so it has to be strong enough to keep water out.

Each one comes with not one but two hitters.  That is so smart!  If one gets clogged, you’re not SOL.  Just grab the second hitter!

Mile High Hitter

There is also a poker (for clearing the hitters in case they do get clogged) tucked into the device, which is also pretty smart.  Why didn’t I think of this thing?

And its made in the USA.  Get yours here.


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