Many of us enjoy a mind puzzle to get our brain’s gears going. They’re fun, they’re good for pastime, and they naturally appeal to the human’s sense of problem-solving. One great example of a mind puzzle is the IcoSoKu, and here’s why.

It never gets boring

The great thing about this particular puzzle is that it can be deconstructed, and re-assembled into an entirely new puzzle for you to solve. That means that you are literally never bored! You can spend hours, mixing things up and enjoying this deceptively simple item.

It builds a child’s mental capabilities

This puzzle can be handed over to children in order to aid in the development of their mathematical, and logical skills. In a way, this puzzle incorporates learning with fun.
The IcoSoKu is an all-round toy! Its fun, it’s educational and it is sure to capture the attention of any child or adult!

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