I love the word “audiophile”.  It just rolls off the tongue.  It is beauty on the ears.  Audiophile.  Audiophile.  Give it a shot, I’ll wait.

I’ve never considered myself an audiophile. I could tell the difference between an MP3 and a record, but I have owned many different earbuds and have not been able to tell the quality differences between them.  Until now.

My new Acil wireless earbuds sound fantastic.  The super comfortable earbuds have tons of features, including:

  • Their literature describes a “world-class acoustic signature” and “balanced armature drivers for more precise and accurate listening experience”.  I don’t know exactly what that means.  But I know that they sound terrific.
  • They are sweat proof, which makes them great for workouts.
  • The magnetic clasp makes for easy storage
  • A powerful battery which takes 2 hours to charge and lasts up to 11 hours of active use
  • Easy and useful controls
  • Extremely comfortable fit

I frequently lose earbuds, so I tend to stock up and keep a pair in my backpack, car, and desk.  All of those other earbuds are being put away because I just want to use my Acil headphones.

Check them out here on Amazon or here at their company website.

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