For some people, gift shopping can be an intimidating task, especially if they don’t know the person too well. If your boyfriend’s anniversary is approaching, surely you want to give him something that he will both love and appreciate for a long time.


Plus, there are so many different things you can choose and this can just make the whole situation even more complicated. Due to this reason, we have gathered a list of presents you can pick. Some of these are practical, something that he could use every day, but we are also going to give you some romantic and thoughtful options.


Let’s start with something fashionable. Don’t you agree that a watch like Zenith is always a great present? It is something that is both useful and that can complete one’s outfit. If you have seen your boyfriend wearing these, why not get him one? 


The offer is enormous, you can go with one that has either a metallic or leather bracelet, or on the other hand, nowadays, there are some wooden watches that are not only unique but also eco-friendly. 


Choose that one that is in accordance with your man’s style, but also something that is within your price range. As we already said, you have numerous options, which is why there is no need to go over the budget and spend a large amount of money.


Secondly, is your boyfriend an athletic type? Does he enjoy exercising, jogging, hiking, or camping? If the answer is yes, then we have got a recommendation for a great present – Kool8 Water Bottle. For a lot of people, this might seem like an ordinary present, but your man is going to love it! This thermos container will maintain the temperature of the drink for hours which means that if he goes on a hike on a hot day, he will have cold refreshment in his backpack at any time. Besides its state-of-the-art features, this water bottle has a modern design and a nice grip. Since it is reusable, we don’t have to tell you that it is eco-friendly.


Furthermore, if he is a gamer, nothing will make him happier than the latest installment of his favorite game that he hasn’t had a chance to play yet. This is something that you should be able to find without any trouble. Ask him about the games he enjoys playing and go to the nearest store to buy it. Plus, if this is something that you both enjoy, then it is perfect. You can organize a mini tournament and compete while discovering all the features of the game.


In addition, you can go with an item of clothing. Maybe you have been to a mall recently and he showed you some super cool leather jacket or a simple shirt. That’s great. Go and get it. There are two reasons why he is going to love this. First of all, it is something that he picked meaning that he is going to like it and wear it instead of putting it somewhere in the closet and eventually forgetting about it. Secondly, it will show him that you listen carefully to everything that he tells you. Let’s be honest, people love getting things that they have only mentioned once or twice. It tells them that they are loved and appreciated.


Next, is your man in the corporative world? Do you know what can also be a great gift? A leather, personalized notebook and a pen set. You can order a customized notebook that has his name on it or the name of his company. But also, you can engrave a special message on a pen. Since it won’t be as visible as the inscription on the notebook, you can go with something a bit more personal. Again, this is something that he is going to use on a daily basis, but also something that will remind him of you.


Finally, we have got another amazing idea and he is going to love this if he into photography. He probably already has some sort of camera, but the one that we have in mind is different. On CoolThingsChicago you can learn more about a camera that can take retro, Polaroid-like pictures. We all love these because they remind of us our childhood and photos our parents and grandparents used to take care of us.


Now, let’s talk about something that is a bit more romantic. Our first suggestion is Twinkle in Time star map. Have you heard of these? Basically, you can order a map that displays the exact layout of the stars on a specific day. All you have to do is to visit their website, type in the location and a day that a special occasion occurred, and think of a message you want to add. You can also choose between different styles of the poster. If you ask us, this has to be one of the best ways to commemorate a moment in your life, something that both of you are going to appreciate forever.


On the other hand, you can go with something that you have made for him from scratch. If you have been together for a long time, then surely, you have traveled together, went to concerts and saw a bunch of movies. Do you maybe still have all those tickets? Why not use them to make a gift that will remind you both of some great adventures you have embarked on together? You can take a personalized notebook or journal and arrange these in chronological order from the first event you attended to the last one. You can also add some photos you took and write short descriptions or notes about the most memorable things. If he is super romantic, you can leave half of the book empty and tell him that you cannot wait to fill it out in the future.


All in all, we have chosen to discuss only eight presents you can choose from. Clearly, your options are unlimited which means that the perfect present might not even be on this list. Still, we hope that at least we have given you some ideas and stirred your imagination. We are sure that he is going to love whatever you choose.

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