It is getting warmer, days get longer, the sun is shining and warming our skin – summer is just around the corner! But let’s be honest, the current global situation is crossing many of our travel plans. That is disappointing, but we got to make the best out of the situation. This is why we have gathered the 5 most important essentials you need to spend a great summer at home, in your garden or on your balcony.


No. 1: Sunscreen


Sunscreen is the Number One essential for any day in summer, not only on vacation. Some skin experts and scientist even recomment to apply sunscreen everyday, also in winter. The sun emits dangerous UV radiation, which can damage our skin, increase the likelihood for skin cancer and accelerates the aging process of our skin. In other words, using sunscreen does not only prevent wrinkles, but can also prevent cancer and in summer a, painful sunburn. For those worried for your summer tan: there are different types of sunscreen that protect your skin and at the same time enhance the tanning process. No need to worry about those tanning lines this year!


No. 2: Sunglasses




Almost as important as sunscreen is a nice pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from brightness and harmful UV radiation. Furthermore, they are a very stylish accessory that can complement your everyday outfit and give your look that certain summer vibe we all love. While some designer sunglasses really empty your pocket, a young Danish startup from Copenhagen managed to create stylish and high quality designer sunglasses for a fraction of the prices some big brands. They are cool and protect your eyes properly. Check out MessyWeekend sunglasses collection!


No. 3: Nice Summer Clothes


Having some nice, light and colorful summerclothes is a must have for any summer, no matter the location. Luckily online shopping is still possible and the summer trends are stunning. Light dresses, cool shirts or just a floppy summerhat. Almost everything can be delivered to your front door.


No. 4: Don’t forget the Icecubes


Cool all your drinks with icecubes. ALL of them. It’ll help you to get through the heat and ease your mindset. How about Iced Coffee? Or some Soda? You can give them some flavor by adding pieces of fruit or a dash of juice into the icecube tray before putting it into the freezer. Easy to make and perfect for those long hot summer days.


No. 5: A Pool


The needed cool down for those long hot summer days. Let us paint you a picture: put on those nice summer clothes and the sunglasses, apply sunscreen and fix yourself a nice cooling drink with those ice cubes. Now take all that and put your feet in that little pool while enjoying summer temperatures. Not bad right? We are well aware, that not everyone has a garden or the possibility to set up a big pool, but there are some nice, smaller sized pools suitable for a balcony to cool off your feet (and maybe your dogs paws too).  Here we have a great article about how to keeping your pool clean:


Let’s make this summer a good one – positive vibes, music and the summer essentials!


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