Are you searching for the best fashion Instagrams of the year? Read the following article to get the latest update.

In this article, we will identify who has inspired us on Instagram the most throughout the year, from fashion models to social activists, fashion designers of anything from women’s clothes to accessories like shoes, watches, and glasses. When talking about specs, circle glasses are a must-have that never go out of fashion, especially for the models. They never fail to impress us by simply wearing some trendy circle glasses and shades.

There were concerns if lock-down would constrain innovation, and photo sessions will be easily extinguished. This fear instantly faded when Bella Hadid modeled and posted a collection of modeled selfies from her family property, which proved that she’s still experiencing life in fashion. In Paris, Chanel’s active model Amanda Sanchez showed us the absolute, trendy photos of what she’s doing when staying home and far from the studio and proved to us that elegance isn’t about to disappear while still staying distant.

Below we will tell you about the best fashion Instagrams of the year and the number of followers they have on Instagram.

  • Zoe Sugg

Take a glance at fashion, makeup, and fitness endorser Zoe Sugg for timeless beauty and contemporary elegance. She has built an impression in the era of digital media fashion due to her stylish teenage girl look and numerous social media pages contributing to influence her followers.

Zoe touches millions of followers in several fashion and beauty cultures by working with brands like ColorPop and establishing her businesses with the names Zoella Beauty and Zoella Lifestyle. She has a record of over 9 million followers on Instagram.

  • Gabrielle Gregg

2020 is mostly inclusion and diversity in the fashion industry, which encompasses the digital world. Working on making clothing for plus-sized girls is part of the inclusivity, and Gabi Gregg had accomplished it. Only sneak a peek at her 700,000 followers on Instagram. Gabrielle ignited the trend for an XXL size swimsuit collection for women, as well as her clothing line, which she introduced in 2017.

  • Danielle Bernstein

What originated as a college student’s fashion blog converted Bernstein into the line of the most prominent fashion influencers. She works with major apparel labels alongside managing her line of attire. At the very young age of 25, she had secured a position on Forbes, accumulating more than 28 million Instagram followers.

  • Aimee Song

Aimee Song’s crowning achievement is becoming one of the first fashion bloggers to spring into action. With her elegant apparel and accessories brand showcasing California street fashion, Song has gained more than 5 million followers on Instagram. Song appeared in elevated magazines and has worked with a variety of attire labels like Levi’s and True Religion.

  • Maja Weyhe

Maja Weyhe’s flawless and cool tomboy bohemian look breaks new ground with her popular style label and stylish Instagram updates. This fashion endorser draws more than 300k followers to her Instagram site. Maja Weyhe is an effortlessly stylish image that matches minimal chic – and there’s no doubt that she somehow dominates Instagram.

  • Nicolette Mason

The top trending brands have collaborated and worked with Nicolette Mason because of her chic, retro look. Mason is also a true believer in diversity.

Mason is attracting a large following in the fashion industry with her blogs and social networking updates displaying out her tips and advice to a glamorous and versatile closet and house due to collaborations like The Container Store, ModCloth, and Addition Elle. Her Instagram account has over 180 thousand followers.

  • Emma Hill

Soft Blunt cuts and casual wear are all in the trend in the previous and present year, and Emma Hill gets them to greater levels with her bulky scarves and stylish coats spread throughout her Instagram account. Emma’s loyal Instagram followers of over 400k users adore her neutral shades and slogan items.

Emma designs and produces a handbag collection named Hill and Friends, labeled with emblemed lock closure.

  • Alissa Wilson

Alissa Wilson was very disappointed with the need to find clothing to suit her figure, chose to express her insight into the fashion world by her blog, Stylish Curves. So here it is where she teaches her followers how to embrace their figures instead of trying to cover them. This approach appeared to be beneficial, as it soon accrued a fan following of more than 90k people.

She communicates to a huge variety of listeners for her curvy figure style advice and perspectives as an Afro-American person. She aces her fashion label, Stylish Curves. She also does a show called Style and Confidence.

As every designer would say, being influential and fashionable will drastically affect you. With social networking sites as pervasive as it is, the public is following your every step, from the launch of your piece and how much you’re making.

These were some of the best fashion Instagrams of the year 2020, and they proved to the world that they know fashion.

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