Jewelry trends are often driven by cultural events, which has never been more obvious than in early 2021. Millions of women began working from home in the last few months and all but stopped attending social events. They had to adjust their wardrobes and accessories to fit a new reality that involved videoconferencing and “waist up” dressing. Instead of coordinating entire looks, many trendsetters are now limited to a few key pieces that are visible onscreen.

With these changes in mind, 2021 looks are focused more than ever on eye-catching necklaces and earrings. Geometric shapes, huge earrings, and figurative pieces are part of the year’s newest fads. However, 2020 styles like layering, chunky necklaces, and classic pearl jewelry also transitioned nicely into the new year.

Charms and Pendants Are in Vogue

In the last few years, circle pendant necklaces have become essential parts of many women’s wardrobes, and they are still popular. Trendsetters are wearing long necklaces alone and pairing them with one or more shorter styles. A look that has become a favorite is necklaces that include charms and “hardware.” In runway shows, models have worn everything from keys to coins on chains around their necks.

One of the best things about this style is that buyers don’t have to leave home to get the look. Just by visiting Adina’s Jewels today, shoppers can find pendants and charms in styles to suit every personality.

The Cool Girls Are Wearing Pearls

Does the romance and elegance of pearls ever go out of style? According to the fashion world, it does not. Designers have worked pearls into dozens of pieces and created a modern take on a classic look. Wearing a long strand or choker made of pearls is still the best way to achieve a sexy, sophisticated look effortlessly, but pearls can also be used to create edgier jewelry.

Experts at the U.K. fashion site Powder Rooms say the year’s “cool girl” look involves wearing pearls in non-traditional ways. Some of the world’s best-dressed women accessorize with sculptural pearl bracelets, ear cuffs, and chic rings. The result is a somewhat undone yet pulled-together look.

Fashion is Loving Links

Simple, beautiful chains have been must-have accessories for the last few years, and they still are. Chains have a clean, lovely structure that can range from subtle to bold. Per Vogue, some of this season’s hottest looks involve bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings fashioned from chain links. There are pieces created with silver and gold as well as various other metals. Designers are also offering styles in bright colors like pink or blue.

One enduring staple is the big chunky chain necklace because it looks good with almost everything. Jewelers sell chains in a wide range of sizes, made from every imaginable metal, so there is a piece for every occasion. One of the primary benefits of huge chunky chains is that they are often the only jewelry required to make a statement. They can be worn over or under collars and also look spectacular with sleeveless, collarless tops.

Everything Old Is New Again

The vintage look is big, especially among younger women who enjoy adding a retro touch to their wardrobes. Many like the sense of owning a bit of history and are drawn to the charm and character embodied in older jewelry designs.

Shoppers are snapping up classic out-sized broaches, rings, and earrings when they can find them. Others get the same effect with vintage-inspired pieces. Gold link-style bracelets in retro styles can be layered with watches and look terrific with detailed rings. Fashionistas are wearing classic old-fashioned earrings in bold, floral patterns, with clip-ons being especially trendy.

Luxe Shells Belong in Every Jewelry Box

From long necklaces made of cowrie shells to bright blue lapis lazuli necklaces, the beach look has made its presence known. Perhaps it’s nostalgia for all the trips women haven’t been able to take lately, but casual, colorful nature-inspired pieces are all over this year’s runways.

Designers offered up a range of beach bracelets in a rainbow of hues. Some also sported charms, which are another 2021 fashion trend.

Beads Add Color and Fun

Fashion-conscious women have also brightened up from the waist up with jewelry made from multi-colored beads. Women are jazzing up video conferences with strings of eye-popping necklaces and chokers. Some wear complimentary earrings and bracelets and necklaces that combine beads with shells and beaded necklaces in brilliant single colors like blue or pink.

Chunky Statement Rings Are In

A fashion that transitioned nicely from 2020 to 2021 is layering big, obvious rings. The rule for the year is, “the bigger, the better.” Women in the know are wearing one or two rings on several fingers. Rings made from resin, plastic, and metal are hot, and women with a bold fashion sense often mix and match different types of rings. It’s a look that pairs well with understated, neutral clothing and creates a cool, edgy look.

Big Fun Earrings Add Some Sparkle

Not surprisingly, huge dramatic earrings are in vogue at the moment. Many businesswomen consider then essential for Zoom meetings. Enormous earrings worn without a necklace are flattering and frame the face. For those who like a subtler look, simple pearls can change the mood, and some adventurous ladies are going for the one-earring look.

This year there’s a focus on long, dangling chandelier earrings and unique styles. Traditional, colorful Indian earrings and designs that reach past the shoulders are very in vogue right now.

Geometric Shapes

The sharp, clean look of geometric jewelry has inspired quite a bit of the season’s styles. Pendant necklaces are sporting metal rectangles, huge gold circles, and intricate pieces with several angles.

Geometric pieces are made using basic design elements such as squares, triangles, and ovals. The concept allows designers to turn pendants, necklaces, and earrings into pieces that are greater than the sum of their parts. They serve well as bold statement pieces.

Everyone’s Talking About Figurative Pieces

One of the most interesting jewelry trends for 2021 is jewelry that includes animals or various everyday objects. For instance, runway models have been seen wearing earrings in the shape of starfish, birds, locks, and stars. Necklaces can include fish, frogs, and seahorses.

Rings that include figures are trendy, and many are decorated with bejeweled owls, lions, snakes, dragonflies, and peacocks. In fact, there are few items found in nature that haven’t found their way into jewelry designs, including the moon and stars.

The Spotlight Is on Hammered Metals

While most jewelry depends on smooth metal’s shine and sparkle for its beauty, some of the most attention-getting pieces this season are a bit rougher. Designers are offering hammered metal pieces in gold, silver, and brass. With their rough surfaces and irregular shapes, the pieces are definitely conversation starters.

In 2021, many of the most sought-after jewelry is made of crushed, folded metal that has an almost liquefied look. The style has been incorporated into stunning bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Rough-hewn crushed metal cuffs are especially trendy, and many include elements like stones or designs.

Layers Are Still the Thing

The layered look that comes from wearing two or more necklaces is still very much in vogue. If anything, it is even bolder for 2021 because long, long necklaces are back in style. The retro chokers that have dominated fashion for several years are still stylish, but trendy women frequently pair them with their favorite pendant necklaces. In 2021, it’s almost impossible to wear too many necklaces, so don’t be afraid to combine several favorite pendant necklaces with pieces that include charms or other objects.

It can take some time and practice to get good at layering, but an easy, no-fail method is to layer delicate styles with chunky chains. Choose a focal point, such as a coin or pendant necklace. Then add a big link chain or choker and see how it looks. Consider adding a long, beaded necklace that can be doubled and worn as two pieces. Layering applies for rings as well. Keep your loved ones close to you with beautiful stacking name rings.

Sterling Silver Is Trending

Fine, delicate sterling pieces are making a comeback. Sterling silver is subtle, creates a classic look, and has a nostalgic feel that harks past days. Women who love vintage jewelry with a modern twist often prefer sterling silver.

Jewelers offer sterling jewelry in the form of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pendants. It is affordable, pretty, and sold by established Internet jewelers, who offer a wide range of styles. For those who like their silver with a pop of color, sellers offer pieces that include a range of cubic zirconia or crystal stones. Sterling teardrop or lariat earrings are especially adorable and flattering.

Many 2021 jewelry trends are focused on “waist-up dressing” that has evolved from the need to accessorize for videoconferencing. The trend has spawned a look that includes layered necklaces, with long pendants and chunky chain styles taking center stage. Bold earrings are very in, as are crushed metal jewelry, geometric shapes, and figurative pieces. But the year’s trends also include a lot of retro looks, including vintage jewelry, sterling silver pieces, and classic pearls with a modern twist.

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