From its early days, Hawkers Sunglasses set out to be different and offer something unique. With the help of Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the company has managed to achieve significant growth and outstanding sales around the world. The company’s success continues as it was recently featured in a Hypebeast, the leading online destination for men’s contemporary fashion and streetwear.

What Hypebeast Had to Say

In a recent ranking of the best sunglass brands available that make ideal accessories, Hypebeast listed Hawkers Sunglasses as one of the leading options in luxury sunglass wear. The listing, which specifically pointed to high quality and designer trends, noted that the Spanish-born and bred sunglass company is recognized not just for its style but also its affordable prices.

Hawkers Sunglasses has long been the luxury, but affordable provider of stylish sunglasses. The article also noted that the company is easily recognized as numerous public figures in sports and entertainment have been seen sporting them. That includes the LA Lakers and Lewis Hamilton, among many others. The brand also notes that Hawkers has achieved recognition for its overall style – with its ability to revive iconic silhouettes and create fresh new colorways – it’s easy to see why the brand stands out as one of the best luxury options on the market.

Where Did That Branding Come From?

Much of the growth and development of this company and brand stems from the work done by Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. Noted for his business success especially in helping startups gain traction, Betancourt Lopez served as the President of Hawkers Sunglasses starting in October of 2016. He did not found the company himself, but rather learned of it and the people behind it. Then, he created a pathway to bring international attention to the brand, helping it to gain the traction it has had today.

The company began when a group of friends came together with no more than a $300 investment to launch what would later be a much larger business. The idea came from Alex, David, Pablo, and Iñaki, all friends who had been working together prior. When Pablo’s brother brought a pair of unique sunglasses home to Spain after studying in the U.S. that sparked an idea. Prior to launching Hawkers, the individuals worked as brand ambassadors for Knockarounds.

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and a group of other investors put about $56 million into the company after learning about the product and the group. They then led the business to achieve new opportunities and growth in every aspect of the production and operations of the business.

Betancourt Lopez wasn’t the idea creator. He did not invest in that first $300. However, when one of these individuals came to him for help, that’s when he put the time and work in to help the company to achieve a better outcome.

He has been instrumental in the branding and the explosive growth of the company since that time. Most of that comes from the comprehensive marketing plan that he developed to help the brand take off. Specifically, he worked to develop the brand through social media influencer marketing, a way to get people who have large followings to use the brand and help introduce it to their followers and friends.

One of the ways he did this was to reach out directly to clothing brands in Spain. The goal was to form a partnership between the fashion outlets and the sunglass line. Then, they promoted the partnership online to get people interested in both areas.

Building a Brand Based on Its Customers

Another way that Betancourt Lopez helped to build the Hawkers brand is by paying close attention to what the customers who were most likely to use the sunglasses were interested in. Specifically, the Hawkers brand caters to a younger demographic. They picked colors and styles, then, that appeal to those who are younger overall and within that demographic.

While doing this, they did not falter on the quality of their products. They paid close attention to that quality to ensure consumers were getting a valuable product. At the same time, they worked to keep the pricing within reach of their ideal customer. The result was that people received a high-quality product at a competitive price and told their friends about it.

Building a Brand on Marketing Strategies

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and Hawkers built their company’s success using social media. They invested heavily in Facebook and Instagram. They worked to build numerous partnerships with influencers who specifically looked attractive wearing the Hawkers sunglasses, which directly contributed to their success.

Word of mouth advertising did well to help support the success of the brand right away. That allowed them to expand further operations in the company, allowing their brand to stretch across three continents within a short amount of time.

Another way the company stands out is that most of its sales happen online. This allows the company to reduce the overhead costs that may hamper some brick-and-mortar businesses. That provided for better capital to use towards other efforts in the expansion of the company.

Looking Beyond the Current Level of Growth

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez continues to work to grow Hawkers through the same marketing strategies and opportunities. The company, which is worth around $60 million today, continues to see increases in profits and sales year over year.

The company does have plans for further growth, including into several additional countries and across more continents in general. This will help the company reach more of its likely customers to allow for improved production.

Another focus for the brand is going green. While they do not plan to do anything that could change the quality of their product, they are working to produce in a more environmentally friendly manner. They don’t plan to change the fashionable features of the brand along the way.

Today, Hawkers is an impressive brand of luxury sunglasses that happens to be affordable as well. With the leadership of Betancourt Lopez, the company has reached new levels of growth and development and continues to rank as one of the best.

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