This pyramid shaped ornament is made from clear glass and enforced by strong metal frames.  This is a very versatile piece and can be used as decorative item in your home, office or work spaces.  The metal frame is sturdy so there is little chance of breakage and the clear glass is ideal to display or showcase a number of items. It can be used as three different ornaments depending upon your specific taste:

Air Plant Terrarium

It is open on one side to allow airflow and is perfect for small plants and cacti. It can be hanged and the plants can be watered easily. It can also be placed on any surfaces.

Tea Light Candle Holder

If you do not want to display plants, it can also be used as a candle holder. It is perfect to hang on patios and light up at night.

Display Ornament for restaurants and/or shops

Whether you chose to hang it with candles, plants or any other ornaments, it makes for an excellent decorative and display item for shops and restaurants as well as your home.

This beautiful and versatile piece is sure to style up any space!

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