“Chubby tummy or potbelly tummy, which one do you like the most? It’s difficult to shade your chubby tummy, but it’s easy to have potbelly tummies within few minutes now!”

What the heck is that!!? Is that a Humpty Dumpty’s tummy?

Of course not! Just think for once how cool does it look when you put one such Humpty Dumpty looking traveling waist bag pack for putting your essential stuffs before going on a trip! You gonna look exactly as a chubby potbellied traveler.

If it’s a sea beach you are planning to go with your shirts off, I bet it’s impossible to understand whether it’s tummy in your bag or a bag inside your tummy! Now that’s pretty cool you see! Your backpack is always going to be a crowd puller whenever you walk across any sea beach with your shirts off and a bag attached to your waist!

Or is it something unique different and cool looking you are planning to gift your closed ones in this Christmas?! Is it for your soulmate or your pal whom you want to hype out in this Christmas season! Then a fake belly dad bag pack like this is definitely going to be the most coolest gift ever he or she can imagine.

Available in 3d prints these funny looking materials are always an attention seeker anywhere with casuals. They are:

  • Perfect Christmas gift for giving someone a ‘dirty Santa reward’, or for giving a ‘white elephant gift’
  • They are perfect for Christmas gift
  • Apt for wearing during any outdoor sport in the beach, picnic camping for storing stuff like beer cans, medicines, car-keys, bike keys, mobile phones etc.
  • Perfect storage for your wallet, pens, USB, earphones, etc. which you need for a weekend holiday party!

Available in 1 quantity only while ordering online, the size of these funny backpacks are 14.96” (L), 3.9”(W), 6.29”(H) they are perfect for a bday gift or for accompanying yourself as your traveling mate while holidaying.

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