To get properly drunk, you’ll need to gain access to the intoxicating fluids found in beer bottles. To access the aforementioned fluids, you’ll need a contraption specifically designed to open the metallic cap without damaging the bottle’s rim. Traditionally, people use bottle openers that serve as odd fridge magnets to give color to the blank canvas called the refrigerator door. The problem with this is that we always misplace the magnetic bottle opener after using them once. If you’ve detached the magnetic bottle opener from the fridge, you might as well kiss it good-bye because it’s never coming back. Instead, get the Bottle Opener Ring. It has the same function as normal bottle openers but it comes in a cool, metallic band that nobody will notice. Not only is this “stylish” ring cheap and effective, but it’s basically impossible to lose. Unless, of course, you lose your finger in a drunken bar fight because somebody made fun of your ring.

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