Do you feel bored with your current hairstyle? Regardless of how long you have been rocking it, it is the right time to try something fresh and transform your looks. In this case, asymmetrical bob is the way to go right now. It works perfectly for long medium or long locks.

In addition, you will be astonished to know that even ladies with fine or thick hair will benefit from asymmetrical bob as well. To make the work of finding your best style, we have collected the best ten styles with asymmetry that you can consider in your selection. Take a look here.

1. Mermaid Lovely.

The show of ocean and everything contained in the ocean, this beautiful haircut is vibrant and mesmerising. This haircut is perfect for cheap cocktail dresses. Wavy hair appears beautiful with asymmetrical styles, and the best thing is that it never goes out of fashion. This hairstyle can actually be styled in any length you need-steal this look or choose longer or shorter styles depending on what you want.

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2. Bob with Undercut.

Rocking an bob with tapered sides and an undercut can give you more lift to your style that feels a little bit lifeless. If you want to give your otherwise lifeless hair, then this is the best style that will help you achieve that effortlessly. The amazing bedhead look is super common nowadays. So regardless of how you coif it, you will rock.

3. Asymmetrical Layers.

Bob haircuts are a common option for ladies with medium textured hair. Layers normally add dimension to the locks that otherwise appear weighty. A solid shade is beautiful, as is a subtly dark colour on the base area.

4. Going Gray.

Gray manes are becoming very common among young ladies, and if you opt for an asymmetrical bob, you will really show off well this shade. The different types of bangs and the extended front will work pretty well for ladies with round faces. They bring an illusion of a slimmer face.

5. Feeling Blue.

Reveal the absence of symmetry by opting to colour just one side. This will really define the different lengths, and you have an option of selecting the shade that suits your personality the best. If you have curly or naturally thick hair, you may want to use a flat iron to create sleekness in your style.

7. Asymmetrical Bangs.

Adding cropped asymmetrical bangs into your style transforms a simple bob completely. It is a relaxed style that is easy to wear, as long as you have all the confidence needed in pulling off this look. The bangs normally adhere to the clear line of the side-swept fringe, and they are the best match for punk-motivated, asymmetrical hairstyles like this one.

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8. Edgy Asymmetrical Bob.

The standard, beloved bob appears stylish when you incorporate an asymmetrical twist. It is an ideal way to wear short and long locks. In addition, it brings hope and new life into your old and tired haircut. Opt for an extreme side-parting over the middle parting, which further adds to the asymmetry.

8. Short Hair, Big Impacts.

Short bob hairstyles are having a big moment right now. They are everywhere, and we all love them, and you can tell why- they are quite edgy and a beautiful way to reveal your cute collar bone structure. Besides, they are quite daring. Opt for short pixie that is short on the sides and level with bangs.

9. Sleek Bob.

Though most asymmetrical styles include extreme edginess and jagged layers, typically, bob is sleek and smooth. This is an extended bob with shoulder-length locks one side, and chin-length locks on the other side. It is an excellent example of what a wonderful unbalanced bob should be. It is a great style for stylish women.

10. Curly Bob.

You can style your curly hair in asymmetry and still appear great. The length of the locks doesn’t have to be different so much (though the length variation should be noticeable) for it to create a big impact-just have longer locks on one side, and then choose a side part. It is important to also know that this haircut appears great whether with the bangs or without them.


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