Underwater scooters can be a great way of seeing the underwater world at a little quicker pace without expending lots of energy and air. Traveling at up to 4mph you can cruise a fair bit of distance! It isn’t all fun and games though – read through this brief safety guide so you don’t get into trouble.

Underwater Scooters are Quick

The first thing to remember is that 4mph can mean that within half an hour you can cover two miles. Using a machine like the ASIWO Turbo Electric Sea Scooter this means you could have a very long swim back to shore should you use it one way.

According to the diver website DeeperBlue you should use a third of the battery to go out, have a third ready to come back and aim to return with a third of the battery. That could mean a mile out, 5-10 minutes on site then a mile back with a half hour battery life.

Unless You’re Trained in Scuba Diving Don’t Go Deep

Millions of people around the world have had scuba diving training. It covers the issues around compression and recompression as a core part of the certification. Though it might look fun down there, it is an alien environment that can and will kill you if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you aren’t trained, then take care to cruise around at no more than five meters of depth at any time.

Remember Your Depth

If you are trained? If you are pulled downward at 4mph you could in theory reach the depth of the Titanic in just over half an hour. You wouldn’t survive – quite apart from the cold and pressure of the water at that depth, the nitrogen in an ordinary dive tank will kill you. You could get ‘nitrogen narcosis’ at 30 meters depth and would be unconscious by 100 meters below the surface according to well established research.

As such it pays to stay within your safe depth limits – even free-diving you could be in trouble as after around 20 meters below you start to need to think of allowing your body to recalibrate to normal pressures – 10 meters of ascent a minute is recommended. Quicker and you could get in serious trouble.

You Won’t Be Invisible!

In November 2020 a businessman tried to hide from pursuing law enforcement by using his underwater scooter to evade them. Unfortunately his air gave the game away and the agents just followed the bubbles until his air tanks ran out and arrested him as soon as he surfaced! James Bond may have escaped the bad guys but modern law enforcement have seen the movies too.

Reefs, Harbors and Pools

For most people, playing around a reef, harbor or pool is all they want to do with an underwater scooter. Don’t take risks if you aren’t certified and stay close to shore. That way a fun, relatively cheap toy won’t put you into a risk situation that you’re not qualified or skilled to walk away from. There’s plenty of places to enjoy at those depths – stick with them and you shouldn’t be in trouble!

Image Source: https://www.asiwo.us/products/asiwo-turbo-underwater-scooter-electric-sea-scooter-3-speed-compatible-with-camera-30m-waterproof-for-water-sports-swimming-pool-scuba-diving-for-kids-adults


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