As with everything in life you will more often than not just roll a fat one at home for a quiet smoke but at other times you may wish to show off a bit. Where the wine connoisseur may sit back with a $10 bottle of Californian wine at home, with friends they will break out a bottle of Chateau Lafitte to show you know your wine.

The same applies to your rolling papers and the stuff that goes in them – you wouldn’t just give your friends any old stuff in a bit of paper bag if you wanted them to know you know the good stuff! How about some prime Kush in a $100 bill or a paper with a wire in it to help you roll the perfect cone? If you know where to look there are some pretty good papers out there. Let’s look at two of the best on the market.

Burning a $100 bill anyone?

The cost of good stuff can hit your wallet but you can show you don’t mind by rolling one up in (what appears to be) a $100 bill. Those who are a little dazed and confused won’t be able to tell the difference and will watch in awe as you pass round a burning $100. Unlike the real thing, the makers of this premium rolling material don’t make it out of thick paper but something that will burn more slowly and most importantly won’t taste of toxic printer’s ink.

While it appears you’re smoking something outrageous, you can in fact taste the quality of the stuff in it, something that your true connoisseur friends will enjoy most of all… As such this is actually a better deal than burning the real thing as you minimize the chemicals going into your system beyond just the bud and paper. Buy them HERE.

Old skool joint

A throwback to the 1970’s, Randy’s have been making rolling papers since it was cool to lay back, chill out and expand your mind with your revolutionary friends! These papers stand out by having a wire at the non-sticky side that helps you roll a good piece of bud. Fans of these papers say that you can also use the wire to hold the roach, though non fans point out that you’re inhaling the burning by-products of heated metal – not so good for the health fanatics…

You can buy Randy’s rolling papers HERE.

Bust up and chill out!

While some people go old school others like to push the boundaries. Depending on who you are you’ll make the choice that suits!

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