Finding something that your kid needs to celebrate Earth’s day at school? Duh..!  Fetching the best earth’s day gift for your kid is easy with Wonder Woman DC shield!

Yup, you heard that right! it’s poww… powww…. time to kick some baddie’s daddy who tries to invade earth. Hell…. Nooo!! nobody dares to invade earth, when your li’lle kid is the savior of mother nature.

It’s a perfect gift for your kid to celebrate Earth Day celebration at Green Zones. And you bet that’s going to make your kid feel ‘freak’ing awesomeeeee’!

Mother earth can never get invaded by aliens and allies of Ares when Wonder Woman is still alive. The daughter of Queen Hippolyta can never be defeated, she comes again and again with her shield in different forms on this Earth’s Day. Ti’s your kids turn to take the shield of Diana, the only Wonder Woman to save our beloved ‘mother Earth’. Time to bang bang some baddies daddies! Way to go Diana!!!…… vrooooom!

Being a 100% imported toy item, it’s meant for kids above 3 years. They are the best choice for kids:

Ø  Who are dead  fanatic about DC comics, especially Wonder Woman

Ø  Planning to prepare themselves with a stunning Green Zone appearance

The buy is worthy because:

Ø  It’s perfect gift to break the blue of your kid

Ø  Small plastic discs inside the shield for adding real look to the shield

Ø  Once the kid lifts it, at once it starts fighting a virtual war with Ares to save earth

Ø  Product Dimension is not more than 4*15*14 inches

Ø  Item weight is not more than 1.1 pounds

Ø  Shipping weight is not more than 1.68 pounds

Maaaeen get this awesome gift today for ya lille bud. Trust man, this going to be the best Earth’s Day ever for him/her. They are available in stores. Hurry up dude!




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