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Nature – we all come from it and all need it in our worlds, however hectic and cosmopolitan they may be. Bringing life into your home or workspace can help your eyes relax from the stresses of work and family life. Aquariums and terrariums are both simple ways to bring nature into your home.

BiOrb Aquarium Collection – Now ONLY $63.70 to $130.90

BiOrb Aquariums are a unique collection of stylish and easy to use acrylic aquariums that are perfect for housing small fish or shrimp without the hassle of traditional aquarium maintenance. A special filtration system works to maintain the cleanliness of the tank while minimizing the amount of maintenance you have to do yourself.

There are four aquariums designs which vary in size and light effects. To invigorate your aquariums, Apollo Box also offers three categories of accessories, each with a large variety of options to choose from.

Marimo Aquarium Kit – Now ONLY $22.09

The Marimo Aqua Terrarium kit comes with two easy-to-care-for Marimo balls and everything you need to create a serene scene.  “Marimo” is the Japanese name for the lovely green algae balls found in only a few lakes around the world. Marimo algae balls bring good luck, so this Zen-worthy set makes an ideal housewarming, birthday or “just because” gift for a friend, family member or office pal.

Crystal Geode Hanging Terrarium – Now ONLY $20.40

This DIY kit includes everything you need to create your own terrarium, including a real crystal geode. In only minutes you’ll have the ultimate indoor habitat for Mother Nature’s most prized outdoor treasures. What’s more it won’t need watering or sunlight – its maintenance free. A fun and rewarding project for the whole family!

Rose Garden Terrarium – Now ONLY $72.25

Capture the serenity of a real English rose garden. This lovely glass bowl terrarium showcases a serene live moss garden scene with a bird bath and a blossoming rose bush. A great desk top accent piece!

Water Garden 2.0 – Now ONLY $84.99

A unique ecosystem that includes a self-cleaning fish tank topped with an organic garden. The fish feeds the plants and the plants return the favor by keeping the water clean. A great hands-on project for the whole family to enjoy.

PlantOchi – Now ONLY $14.44

Plantochis are wee little cacti and succulents that grow inside a tiny capsule greenhouse. Give them a few hours of light each day and a few drops of water once a month. After about 8-12 months they are ready to plant in a flower pot.

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