While the coronavirus has begun to subside in certain parts of the country, America is still struggling to maintain the spread and encourages all residents to social distance. With more time at home than before, you may find yourself often bored during quarantine and wondering how you can add some novelty to your life. Subscription boxes are themed packages delivered monthly right to your doorstep. Today, you can find a subscription box for every niche, whether it’s fitness and self-care or gamer gear and nerd merch. Check out some of these indulgent boxes that’ll give you something to look forward to.

The Hemper Box

Cost: $29.99 per month

Hemper is a New York-based marijuana smoking accessories company. They offer a subscription box that delivers a variety of pipes, bags, stickers, ash trays and more. The products are weed essentials that enhance your smoking experience. Every Hemper Box contains at least 10 items and one exclusive glass piece. If you’re not sure you want to spend $30 a month, there’s good news; Hemper offers cheaper packages with less accessories that range from $0.99 for four items to $9.99 for a pack of seven. Check out the Hemper Box review or some unboxings on YouTube to get a feel for the contents and decide whether it’s something you’d like.

The Adults and Crafts Crate

Cost: $30 per month and up

Tired of scrolling through Reddit or constantly lying in bed? Get up and active with this box filled with everything you need to make a handcrafted keepsake. Each box comes with tools and instructions to assemble a thoughtful craft you can keep for yourself or give to someone you love. If you’re looking for new hobby ideas, then this subscription box can introduce you to the world of crafting, which is sometimes difficult to navigate on your own. All the projects are simple enough for beginners to follow, and the end result will give you something to be proud of.


Cost: $29.99 per month and up

Are you struggling to stay positive? The tensions and anxiety running rampant in our lives today require an extra dose of optimism to regain balance. HopeBox provides monthly care packages filled with plenty of goodies that are meant to nourish your mind, body and soul. From snuggle buddy plushies to aromatherapy candles and tasty snacks, the box brings much-needed TLC into your life. The HopeBox is also features products that are 100-percent artisanal, vegan and cruelty-free.

Cheese of the Month

Cost: $63 per month

Cheese is the way to anyone’s heart. Treat yourself to a selection of New York cheese monger Murray’s best selections. Each set of three cheeses comes with a list of descriptions and recommended pairings that can give you a deliciously indulgent experience each month. For a higher price point, you can subscribe for the Cheesemonger’s Pick of the Month Box ($75) or the American Cheese of the Month box ($90). These decadent dairy delights will add a touch of class and refinement to your evenings.


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