The answer is ‘probably not!’ With so many different occasions and seasons, combined with the fact they will be getting bigger and taller, a girl’s wardrobe will never be complete!


As a kid grows you may develop a favourite look. Time and again, size after size you may well go back to the same outfit. That could be your preference or one of her’s as she grows up. Old favourites – a particular dress and leggings for example – never grow old even as they grow older.

Growing Fast

Even though you may choose time and again to go for a particular outfit, as your daughter or family member grows and blossoms you may see different outfits that suit them at different times of their lives. They may be a cutesy, girly type or more of a tomboy – or both! This adds to the fun of buying a girl clothes.


From season to season, weather to weather, there are a variety of styles and outfits to choose from. Darker greens, browns and reds to match the turning of the leaves in autumn into winter, or brighter, lighter colors for spring and summer.

Though year round, cotton is great for regulating temperature, you can use woollens and other fabrics for warmth and style too.

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Belle of the Ball

As well as the day to day stuff, it can be a lot of fun dressing up for a special occasion! Whether they are developing an eye for fashion or perhaps a longer view on style, dressing for a special occasion adds to the variety of a girl’s wardrobe. Being seen as the ‘belle of the ball’ is a big thing for a youngster’s confidence as they bloom and flourish in life.

Though the school prom might be the first major occasion, there will be other events when they may wish to cut through the crowd – perhaps at a family member’s wedding or anniversary, Do remember she shouldn’t outshine the bride!

Daywear and Evening Wear

Though it can be fun wearing pyjamas all day, even through the day a girl may wish to have a different look. At a younger age this might be for school (one outfit) and another outfit for hanging out with their friends.


Though the man of the house may be appalled that their daughter has so many outfits, it is true that there can be an almost infinite number of outfits required for a girl! From bumming about around the house on a winter’s day to shining brightly at a party, from visiting grandparents to hanging out with friends, the true answer to the question we asked at the beginning of this blog is “A perfect girl’s wardrobe is the amount of outfits she has already + 1”!

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