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There is an insatiable urge in online gamblers to seek out new avenues to make money, which is accompanied by an urgency to play games with massive potential for wins. This has led operators to come up with games that will not only help players to bag massive wins, but also to do that in an instant.

In case you’re wondering the type of skills you should have to play online scratch card games, we’re pleased to inform you that you need none. Armed with your burning desire to succeed (and luck, of course) you will make bank constantly. Scratch card games offer instant rewards, quick gameplay and high odds.

The game is governed by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which means that there will be no foul play whatsoever during the game.

What Is An Online Scratch Card Game?

Are you familiar with the lottery scratch cards that used to be popular some time ago? If yes, you can say the online scratch card game (オンラインスクラッチカード) is the modernized version of it. Since scratch tickets surfaced in 1974, gamblers have been on a constant winning spree.

Those who played traditional lottery scratch cards (スクラッチカード) were given a paper with a metal foil after making payment. The instruction was simple – scratch off the foil gently to reveal a set of numbers or symbols hidden underneath it. A player is considered a winner when the uncovered symbols have at least 3 that are identical.

With the online version of the scratch card games, instead of the conventional paper and metal foil, what you have to work with now is a 3×3 rectangular grid. The hidden symbols will be revealed when you click on the panel. If the symbol you wagered on matches the revealed symbol on the scratch card, guess what? You’re a winner and your profit can be claimed instantly!

Traditional scratch cards had a fixed bet amount, but all that has changed with the introduction of the online version. Players can now decide how much they want to play with and wager accordingly. There is also an option to play demo scratch card games to better understand how it works if it is your first time or you just want to fine-tune your skills.

In case you are still finding online scratch card games difficult, even after trying your hands on the demo version, there is a solution for you. Narimi Murayama is an online casino game expert. Read more of her articles here!

Where Can Online Scratch Cards Be Found?

Online scratch cards are not hard to find. If you have access to online gambling sites, then you will find scratch card games to play in most of them. Here are the steps to take to find online scratch card games:

  • Locate an online gambling platform that offers scratch card games. This could be an online casino, a bingo site, sportsbooks, etc. As long as it has scratch card games, it is good to go. 最高のスクラッチカードゲームサイトのリストをご覧ください。
  • Check the footer of the scratch card site for the logo of a license provider. If you see any of these logos – “MGA” or “UKGC” – then know that the site is high-grade. The reason why a scratch card site must have a license is for security purposes. It keeps them accountable and ensures that what is due to you, like bonuses and winnings, are provided right on time.
  • Always read the terms and conditions of the gambling site before purchasing any scratch card from them. Doing this early will save you from a lot of problems.

How to Play an Online Scratch Card Game?

Once you have become a member of a credible online gambling site, the next thing to do is to start playing online scratch card games. Select a card by going to the “scratch card” page.

If you have matched the correct number of symbols, the amount attached to the win will be added to your account. Here is a step-by-step method to scratch online:

  • Sign up to an online gambling site that offers scratch card games
  • Fund your account to scratch for real money.
  • Pick a game by going to the “scratch card” section of the site
  • Input your preferred bet amount
  • Happy scratching!


Very few online gambling games can be referred to as easy; online scratch cards fit the description. There are lots of scratch card games to play and they have mouth-watering rewards as well. Are you feeling lucky? Give scratch cards a shot today and who knows, you might just be the next millionaire!

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