Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries battled unforeseen challenges that limited their spending strength. They recorded dismal incomes while others suffered unimaginable losses. However, the silver lining here is that not all businesses fell victim. Yes, it’s ironic that few industries generated more traffic and revenue than ever before. Among the lucky ones is the betting marketplace. Did it survive the epidemic unscathed? Or did it suffer a partial effect? All your questions will be answered here.

How Are Betting Sites Coping?

As you might have guessed, it’s not the case that the Canadian gambling sites [valid where legal] were immune to the pandemic’s pangs. In other words, the quarantine had mild effects. Meanwhile, don’t forget that we have physical casinos and online casinos. So the next question is which of the two bore the burden most? Of course, it was the real casinos with bricks and mortars. Why’s that?

There was an indefinite suspension of live sports and bettings. And this forced punters to embrace the few available options. Apart from this, stay-at-home orders and vehicular restrictions were imposed. Hence, it was obvious to every player and manager that these measures will deal some deadly blows to the industry. In a nutshell, land casinos were shut down and most players had to migrate en masse to online casinos.

Online casinos are recording massive activities and the same thing could be said of virtual sports games and eSports. Now that the restrictive measures have been relaxed, it’s quite disheartening that the real casinos are yet to bounce back. Furthermore, figures have shown that the number of players visiting online casinos has increased by almost 50% to 70%. The corollary effect of companies offering these online resources also increased by 5 times

How Does This Affect Online Casinos?

Since more and more folks were ordered to stay and work from home, online casinos saw an immediate increase. The pace was incredible to the point that, daily, thousands of new players flood the gambling websites. This also encouraged land casinos to transition their operations to online betting platforms. So it follows that any player who wants to bet has to follow the online path.

Some countries exhibited economic ingenuity by legalizing online casinos. That’s a subtle means of gaining and pumping funds into the national economy. According to the UK Gambling Commission, the increase of online casinos by 10% – 15% outranks the last 5 years’ trajectory.

If you’re wondering what triggered this sudden interest in online casinos, here’s the answer. Many people have more than enough free time on their hands. And they need to distract themselves by betting their money to record more income. Many bookmakers also entice players and prospects through their attractive bonus and incentive programs. The UK Commission also confirmed that online slots increased by 1% and online betting events increased by 115%. Meanwhile, many workplaces never stopped maintaining the remote working style. So it’s safe to submit that the trend of online casinos is here to stay.

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An Increase in the Number of Canadian Betting Platforms

There are various ways to bet in Canada and they host several betting platforms in the industry. Here, we’ll simplify all you need to know about wagering and the best available betting sites in Canada. Let’s get started:

  1. 888 Sports
  • The betting site gives special features and incentives such as bet builders.
  • It has immense worth on betting odds.
  • It has a whopping welcome bonus which also covers the casino option.
  1. Unibet
  • You will be entitled to a free bet worth $40 after registration.
  • The platform has an impeccable reputation in the gambling world.
  • It provides various offerings for in-play betting.
  1. LeoVegas
  • It is very compatible with mobile use.
  • You can cop double winnings as high as £100.
  • It has withdrawal methods and diverse deposits.
  1. Sports Interaction
  • Assorted options for live betting.
  • Sterling reputation in the Canadian gambling marketplace.
  • It offers high welcome offers for casino products and sports.

Casino Bonus Offers During the Quarantine

For many people, online betting is more of a pastime. But what makes the game more interesting is the thrill it offers and the chance to win heavy sums of money. To mitigate the burden on punters during quarantine, online casinos have introduced some bonus offers. If not for anything, it will help you allay the fear of losing all your money. Let’s run them.

  1. Welcome Bonuses

Once you complete the registration process, the casino will appreciate you for selecting it over others. And the appreciation comes in the form of a bonus. To be eligible for the offer, you have to deposit to convince the casino that you’re business-ready. The deposit also means that you’re trusting them with your money. The most popular type of bonus you’ll get is a proportion of your deposit amount. Apart from this, you can also get cashback offers, free spins, or other perks in addition to the welcome bonus.

  1. No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is another common offer during the quarantine. As the name implies, you don’t have to make any deposit to enjoy it. Once you finish the sign-up process, you can receive it. Meanwhile, the no deposit bonus can come as free spins or cash.

Other prevalent bonus offers are:

  • Referrals.
  • Giveaways.
  • Free spins.

Contingency Plans and Alternatives

Both land and online casino managers have put necessary measures in place to contain the spread of the viral disease. The number of people permitted into real casinos has been slashed down. All the players are also observing preventive measures such as social distancing while in the casinos. In some casinos, games take place behind closed doors – without fans. Although this option of no-audience seems to be extreme, it’s our best bet as keeping everyone safe.

Each punter is also checked and tested before gaining entry into the casinos. For online casinos, much monitoring or surveillance is not needed. That’s because anyone can choose to play from the comfort of his room. Hence, we can agree that the Canadian betting industry is on top of the pandemic management. And it’s also taking proper precautions to contain the spread.


The online casino has shown that it offers players relief from the mental strain and long-term quarantine that accompanied the pandemic. It’s no longer a pastime, hobby, or business. Rather, it is fast becoming a coping mechanism. And this explains the amazing pace at which it develops. It has also shown that people have unearthed the much-needed refuge to survive emergencies.

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