The online gambling industry experienced tremendous growth globally during quarantine time. The growth continues to date with an increased number of online casinos in Ireland. Players’ interests in Irish online casinos and relaxed rules contribute to this change. Casino bonuses and easy access to online gambling sites from home, made them more appealing.

The Impact of Quarantine on Online Casinos in Ireland

Quarantine means staying indoors, having little contact with people, long and boring day and night hours to pass. Therefore, people require actual means of entertainment. The most obvious are online resources such as gambling, live streaming, or social media. People can watch online tournaments and switch to playing online games to pass their time.

A great way to improve or increase income sources makes gambling online a suitable option. Quarantine led to the closure of business and players’ income sources. Betting provided an easy way to try and increase one’s income. It may not be a great way, but bonuses and welcome incentives are difficult to ignore now!

An Increase in the Number of Irish Players

Irishmen, like other people across the globe, love to gamble. Quarantine provided ample time on their hands and little to do. Thus, many turned to online entertainment sites. Irish betting sites are more popular than any other entertainment source, increasing casino players. The main reasons behind the increase are:

  • Easy entertainment option: Entertainment options available to players then were limited by movements. People could not leave their homes for a walk in the park, go to the zoo or visit the museum. Using localized virtual reality software and hardware was expensive for most. Streaming movies required a subscription and the fee was a little higher than gambling. Therefore, casinos became the most convenient source of entertainment.
  • Ease of access: Players require a little resource to start gambling. Every individual in the world today can own a smartphone or a PC. Plus, regular internet connection, and you are good to go. With these resources, you can easily access gambling services from anywhere in the world.
  • Change in opinion on online casino gambling: People’s opinion regarding gambling also contributed to increased online casinos. Many resources are dedicated to assisting players with addiction and other gambling issues. Plus, the country’s authorities are already working on gambling regulations.

The Impact of Quarantine on the Online Casino Rules

In the past, very few countries took interest in the industry. But, with the quarantine and casino growth, they started regulating this sphere. A responsible gaming approach became the main route to keeping clients and the industry running and healthy. Thus, many gambling sites instituted responsible gaming tools, including a gaming budget and time limits for gaming sessions. Also, casinos stated that they would deny addicted players gambling services.

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Casino Bonus Offers During Quarantine

Bonuses are a few of the online gambling perks during quarantine. Players get free spins for use on select online slots. Bonus-free credits or cash for use on various games is a norm for any online casino. Unique offerings come with player skills. High-rollers get to experience VIP treatments and unique prizes, including cashback bonuses. Some of the casino bonuses players take advantage of during quarantine include:

  • Welcome bonuses. Available for novice players with new casino accounts.
  • No deposit bonuses. Available to all players and do not require them to spend money.
  • Deposit offers. The widest range of casino bonuses on offer. Examples include reload offers. The bonus is only available to players after depositing to the casino after an initial deposit.
  • Loyalty bonuses. Available to loyal customers and high-rollers. A player can get a free spin on an online slot. Also, conversion rates for points earned by a VIP can earn punters free bonus cash.

Enjoy your Quarantine Time at Home with an Irish Online Casino

Having a great time during quarantine is dependent on your gambling choices. The industry requirements are becoming selective with games. Choose game titles you are comfortable with and know how to play. Pick one of the reputable online betting sites. These have a range of services from the same platform. Plus, you can become a VIP and enjoy the best casino sites online. Take charge of your gaming strategy and employ responsible gambling tools.


Irish players contributed to the online casino growth. Better bonuses and options, plus a relaxed yet safe environment are impacts of quarantine. Players should expect more in the coming years.

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