True beauty comes from within, but applying a bold red lip or a subtle contour never hurts. Unfortunately, the prices of beauty products are skyrocketing, and it’s hard to bake without breaking the bank. All hope is not lost, however. With a bit of shopping savvy, you can spend less and still look your best. Here are seven sworn secrets for saving money on beauty products.

Subscribe to auto-renewal options

There are some beauty products you use every day, and most people typically stay loyal to one brand. Examples include shower gels, shampoos, and hair oils.

If you’re Old Faithful regarding your hair and shower products, consider enrolling in an auto-renewal program for them. Often these subscription programs come with a discount on your favorite products along with your new constant supply. Check your local beauty supply for a program like this, and if they don’t offer it, shop around town or online for someone who does.

Become a coupon clipper

You may be hesitant to bust out the paper ads and scissors, but coupons can offer incredible discounts on your staple beauty products. Many manufacturers give free coupons to their customers to encourage sales. Don’t worry about the scissors, however–most of the best coupons today are found online.

Many coupon websites specialize in different products. Offers Club, for example, is one site specializing in both health and beauty selections. Using this site, you can cut prices while you’re cutting your crease.

Sample a small size of the product

You may have heard about the latest trend and can hardly wait to drive to the mall and buy it. Before investing your money in a product you have not tried before, buy a smaller size to test it.

Many products have different containers; you can try the travel size to see if the product will give satisfactory results. You’ll help the environment and your wallet by only committing to cosmetics you genuinely love and use.

Make a bulk purchase for your favorite product

Many stores offer discounts when you buy items in bulk. When buying in bulk, you can also wait for sales to win that extra bang for your buck.

An example is the famous “buy one get one free” sale. Wait for the sales period and buy enough to last you until the following blowout discounts. This method will work best for products that you use daily, but it can be a game-changer for your high-ticket regulars.

Compare store prices

One good way to save money is to explore online shopping links for beauty products and compare prices. Stores use various factors to determine their selling prices. By comparing more than one option, you can be sure you’re winning the best deal every time.

Researching different beauty suppliers will also give you an idea of who offers the best loyalty and rewards programs.

Check your collections

Before you shop for a replacement for your beauty product, check your product collection. You might already have a substitute waiting from the last time you ran low.

Periodically checking your makeup bag or drawer will remind you what you have, so you don’t waste money letting products expire or replacing them prematurely.

Ask your friends

Just like you, your family or friends may have a good product or two collecting dust in their vanity.  You can ask loved ones for any products they don’t use and trade your unused cosmetics in return.

Before you go

It’s a sad fact that you have to shell out the green to wear the sheen. That said, knowing the right beauty savings secrets will help you avoid the cosmetics cash crunch. Follow these tips to keep you and your wallet looking fine and fabulous.

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