What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your canine companion? For some of you, it might be the toothy smiles you get when you have tussled around together in the yard for a while. For the rest of you, it might be the way they lay their head in your lap after a long day of work. Whatever it is, many of us adore our furry friends to the point of no return and that means making sure they have everything they need to make their lives better. This, of course, makes our lives easier, and we know that our fur kids are safe and well. Really, it is a win-win situation for everyone. So, let us jump into the Pet Smush who are reviewing the six items we never thought our dogs would need.

LED Collars

It is safe to say we all love to “stand out” in our own way, sometimes going that extra mile. So, how cool is it that we can do the same for our pets? Introducing LED collars. This functional collar is perfect for those who enjoy nightly walks. It emits off enough light to be seen by anyone near and far, and if your pooch just enjoys playing hide and seek, then consider them an easy find.

Installable Dog Feeders

Installable dog feeders are less mobile than your average feeding bowls. These bowls are installed into your wall and fold out for easy feeding, and when they are not in use, you simply fold them back in. So long to all the bowls sliding along the floor.

Poop Bag Carrier

When your dog’s gotta go, your dog’s gotta go. Enter the poop bag carrier. It is nifty because it is compact and loaded with an arsenal of bags to pick up your pup’s poop instantly and helps keep your community clean and poop free. This is a fantastic investment. 

Dog Kennel

Dog kennels are a must have for every dog owner simply because life does happen. These accessories are useful when traveling if you are not up for them seat hopping, and they are handy if your dog gets super excited at the sight of company.

Car Organizers

A car organizer is your best friend when traveling anywhere. You can place leashes, food, water bottles, your pup’s favorite toys, and so much more into it, which helps to keep your vehicle neat and helps to keep your dog prepared.

Dog Paw Protectors

Dog paw protectors are wise investments. They are adhesive and stick to your dog’s paws so that on those days when you feel like going for a stroll, especially when it is hot, you do not have to worry about their paw pads being damaged.

We all want what is best for our dogs so why stop at just the bare minimum, right? Keep these products in mind the next time you and your canine pal decide to visit the local pet store or shop online. They’ll be happy you did. Happy shopping!

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)

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