Bringing a pet home is a joy and also a responsibility. Before the arrival of your furry friend, there are a host of things you need to set in place to make his transition into your home fuss-free. If you’re about to embark on this life-changing step of becoming a dog parent, here is a list of seven must-have items to stock up in your home for any breed. Aside from making space in your home for these essentials, remember to make some space in your heart too, for his paws are going tool crawl right in!

Dog Tracker

Bringing your four-legged friend home requires adjustment both on your part and his. A new environment can make a dog anxious, leading him to wander off on his own, especially if you have an outdoor open space that he may have access to. It isn’t always possible to keep an eye on your dog. Which is why a smart dog tracker is a prudent investment. Give your dog a chance to explore his environment and find his footing, while at the same time keeping a tab on his location and safety with a Dog tracker.

This smart device has GPS functionality that helps your track down his exact location. You can also earmark safe zones or geofences which you will be alerted of him crossing in the event that he does. These alerts are sent to your smartphone on a real-time basis, ensuring the new member of your family is always safe and watched out for. These smart devices are usually waterproof and have day-long battery life. Make sure to take it off at bedtime and charge it for the next day.


Your curious little furry friend will certainly be eager to explore his environment and find his favourite nooks to play and hide his treats in. While this is encouraging of his desire to settle in, it can also pose a risk to his safety. Rooms with steep staircases, electrical equipment or cleaning agents are best cordoned off with a dog-friendly gate. Additionally, seal off multiple exits and attics as is difficult to keep a tab on his movements in and out of multiple doors.

Baby gates double up as safe dog gates too, unless the base is high enough for your little dog to squeeze under. However, unlike your baby, a dog may tend to chew on a gate. Hence, it’s best to choose materials or adhesives that are safe for oral exploration. If you have a pup, it is advisable to invest in a gate specifically built for dogs, as the rails are built in a way to prevent a puppy from getting his head stuck between them. Managing a pup and a baby at home can be challenging, but gates help in restricting them to a limited safer area.

Dog Kennel

Certain breeds such as Doberman, German Shepherd or the Bull Dog come with instincts that include surveillance, hunting and other predatory characteristics. In order to let them thrive in their true self, it’s best to set up a dog kennel for them so they can freely explore their environment and also guard your home.

Choose a dog kennel that is spacious enough for your dog until his maximum growing size. A particularly cold region warrants a dog house that’s well insulated to keep him warm in the winters. You also want to choose a dog kennel with good ventilation to ensure your furry friend has a good supply of fresh air. Don’t forget to go with an option that has a detachable roof that makes it easy for you to clean it every once in a while.


Just like sucking is a pacifying action for babies to put themselves at ease, dogs find solace in Chewing on something. Get your furry friend plenty of chewy treats and toys that he will enjoy nibbling on. The edible ones can be given as treats every now and then to keep his palette satiated. Chewies also give your dog the all-important exercise for his jaws and teeth, besides keeping his mind stimulated. Besides, providing your new puppy with Chewies will discourage him from the very beginning from chewing your furniture and fixtures.

There are also chewable toys that aren’t for eating but encourage your dog to nibble and play about. Strictly avoid any toys that have buttons, plastic tips such as eyes or noses that your dog can bite off, as it can be a choking hazard for pets, posing a threat to his safety. The best chewy toys for dogs are those that are made of durable Rubber or silicone. You could even choose toys that have treats tucked inside them, to give your dog the challenge of digging it out. Dogs are natural diggers, and those that stimulate this characteristic are sought after. No matter what sort of toy your dog is nibbling on, it’s always advisable to keep an eye on them to avoid any risks or hazards.

Grooming Kit

Bathing your dog as soon as you bring him home is a good idea. For this,  you will need to keep a grooming kit handy. Most new dog parents just pick up a bath wash or shampoo. But, grooming your dog involves a lot more than just that. Whether you have a short-coated dog or a long-coated one, you will need a brush to run along the fur often. Dogs with a healthy mane need frequent trimming and detangling, especially around the ears, underarms and toes. You’ll also need a nail Trimmer to snap their long claws often. Some dogs are also prone to having sunburns and will require special lotions to tackle the problem. Of course, until your dog is toilet trained, you will also need to invest in poop bags to not litter your home or its surroundings.

Travel Essentials 

It’s not always possible to have someone home to watch over your dog. In the initial days, your dog may face anxiety should he find himself home alone. So,  prepare yourself to take him on short drives with you by stocking up on pet-friendly travel essentials. Invest in a travelling crate that you can secure at the back end of your car, keeping your pet safe in his nook, to avoid him interfering in your driving. Some pets may tend to develop motion sickness at the back of the car, in which case the next alternative to a car crate is a pet harness the secures him on the back seat.

These travel Essentials help your dog adapt to the idea is travelling easily. You can always strap along your pet while you run your errands, all the while training and preparing him for a long weekend or holiday drives as a family that he will soon be part of.

Now you’re all geared up to bring in the new member of your family!

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