Living with pets can be fun and fulfilling. However, designing a pet-friendly home that resonates with your personality, available space and ensures your pet’s happiness can be tricky. Pets can cause damage to your upholstery and furniture, and some pet essentials such as litter boxes and dog crates can be a major eyesore. With smart planning, training, and finding the right items, pet-proofing and organizing your home becomes easier, eliminating the need to sacrifice your style. Here are pet-friendly interior designs you can try.

1. Add a fish aquarium

Setting up an aquarium in your living space elevates your space’s look and appeal instantly. There are various aquarium designs, and you can dedicate a theme to your fish tank to make your space livelier. To accentuate the living area, you don’t have to hide your aquarium in a dark corner. Make it a focal point of your living space by setting it up in a place where it attracts everyone’s attention. You can also get a betta fish heater for a one gallon tank to ensure warmer temperatures and keep your fish happy.

2. Use fur-resistant upholstery

Most pets with fur experience shedding, making it difficult to clean hair from your furniture. Avoid materials that accumulate hair quickly, like corduroy, velvet, and other delicate materials. Choose fabrics that are smooth to touch, and hair can slide off them easily, including synthetic, fiber, and leather. When buying upholstered furniture, go for something whose finishing is fur-resistant.

3. Add pet-friendly flooring

Flooring should express personality, offer durability and provide comfort. When choosing pet-friendly flooring, you should consider your pet’s comfortability and safety while ensuring floor protection from moisture, scratches, damage, and staining. The ideal pet-friendly flooring should be resistant to scratches and other forms of damage and offer traction. The right pet-proof flooring should be durable, easy to clean and maintain, and waterproof.

Choose pet flooring based on your budget and style. It should not only satisfy your pet’s needs but yours too. For scratch-resistant flooring, consider hardwood, luxury vinyl, and stone flooring. The waterproof flooring options to consider may include luxury vinyl which is tough and durable, keeping the floor safe from water, urine, and other pet spills. Other options include tiles, stone, and treated hardwood.

4. Invest in pet-friendly furniture

When selecting pet-friendly furniture, ensure the couch fabric you choose is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and durable. While pleather and leather are easy to clean, they show scratches and scrapes faster than other fabrics. Choose fabrics made with a durable weave to create a sturdier hold against scratches and claw marks.

5. Create a play area

While you may enjoy watching your pet run around the house having fun, this may disturb your décor. To avoid this, create a dedicated space where your pet can play and have fun. The ideal area shouldn’t have a lot of furniture or be a spot where you can design to enhance your décor. To create a play area for your pet, you can get a woven basket and put enough toys on their bed.

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6. Consider built-in feeding drawers

To avoid cluttering your space with pet dishes, integrate them into your home’s design with custom built-ins. You can add a low-level drawer containing built-in food bowls for your pets. You can have these built-ins added to your kitchen or mudroom. The best part about this project is that you don’t need a complete room or whole house renovation, as only one or two cabinets may be affected. You can contract someone at a small fee with little to no inconvenience to add the built-in feeding drawers.

7. Consider window treatments

Pets love sitting by the window to bask in the sun, enjoying the view, and waiting for their parents to come home. Use lightweight and airy sheer curtains for sufficient sunlight and view. Avoid thick curtains because they obstruct the view and light as well. Additionally, thick curtains form a thick window treatment that isn’t as appealing as you want it to be.

8. Create safe spaces for pets to explore

Kittens and puppies are naturally curious and would want to explore your home. Instead of constantly reprimanding and watching them, set up sufficient pet-friendly space that marries well with your style. If you have a mischievous pet, consider durable baskets for toys and throw blankets, big floor pillows, and alcoves filled with well-placed toys.

9. Be careful with indoor plants

Not all interior décor plants are safe for pets. Select non-toxic plants to add texture and color to your space without threatening your pet’s life or causing allergies. While some houseplants may be non-toxic, your pet may experience a tummy ache if they snack on them. Consult plant experts for advice on the pet-friendly houseplants you can consider for interior décor. 


Becoming a good pet parent requires you to prioritize your pet’s safety, comfort, and happiness by making your home favorable for them. Use these interior design tips to create a pet-friendly space in your home.   

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