This might look like a cute video of penguins playfully chasing around a butterfly… well because it is. But that butterfly is also clearly a jerk. He’s all, “Hey you stupid penguins. Look at me. I’m flying. I can fly. You can’t fly! That’s why you can’t catch me! Haha suckers.” Even the ducks don’t mock penguins at the zoo for not being able to fly. They just quietly pop over to their habitat, eat the fish out of their little pond and get out of there. They might be able to fly, but they respect the penguins for being able dive in there to get those deep swimming fish. You know what happens to a butterfly that ends up underwater? A fish eats it. That’s right, you’re food to the food of penguins. How you like them apples you little bitch?!

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Via: Boing Boing