Here is presumably the world’s fattiest fatty fat fat cat. (Not to be confused with the previous Fattest Cat, Meow, who passed in May.) This new title holder’s name is Garfield. Of course his name is Garfield. The big boned beast over here tips the scale at 40 pounds. DAYUM. That’s a lotta lasagna. The world has only recently been made aware of Garfield’s existence just after his owner passed on to the next level and he was turned into a local shelter where he was immediately put on a diet. That… is some seriously messed up shit. First his person dies and THEN he gets put on a diet? What a nightmare!

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  1. Kiweagle

    Ummm, did anybody bother to check out the woman’s hands before deciding this picture hadn’t been photoshopped?

  2. Rick

    Worst photoshop ever…FAIL!

  3. Dave Coburn

    im more impressed with the h u u uge hands on her!