This is Leo the African Lion, Shere Hkhan the Bengal Tiger, and Baloo the North American Black Bear. They’re best friends. That’s right: lion, tiger, and bear besties — oh my! Unfortunately the sweet BFFs had a not-so-sweet beginning. They were found during a drug raid in Atlanta, GA. Scared, hungry, and hosting all kinds of parasites, the trio was rescued and sent to live at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia. There, they eat, sleep and play together, all day, erry day. OMG, sounds like my dream world! Minus the lion, tiger, and bear of course. Those guys are cute, but I don’t think they’d see me and think friendship material. I think they’d see me and be more like, I dunno, “GUISE, IT’S LUNCH TIME!”

lion-tiger-and-bear-bffs-1 lion-tiger-and-bear-bffs-2 lion-tiger-and-bear-bffs-3 lion-tiger-and-bear-bffs-4 lion-tiger-and-bear-bffs-5

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