Youtuber Sonia Lee posted this video of Louie the poodle and his bizarre little eating ritual. Apparently the little dog duder won’t even eat it if his people fix it up for him. Hey, let him do his thing then, I guess! My dog Einstein on the other hand, I’m always trying to get him to scale back the weird — he separates his food out and leaves me shapes and signs all around the apartment. (For reference.) I think he’s trying to tell me something. BUT WHAT??? Seriously, you need to spell it out to me, boo, because I’m feeling real bad that you’re always going through all this trouble and I still have no idea what you’re tryna communicate. Did uh… did this just turn into an imaginary conversation with my dog? Yes, yes it did. Don’t even play like you haven’t done the same!


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Via: Neatorama