There are many reasons to decorate and change up the style of your apartment. Whether it’s to organize clutter, make your rooms look more modern or another reason, making your apartment look cool can be a fun and innovative journey.

In fact, decorating your apartment to make it creative, unique and personable doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some creative tips that will help you revolutionize how you and others feel about your apartment.

Change Your Lighting

This is a common piece of advice, but it really works. There are a few ways to rig new lighting in your apartment without crowding every corner and table with a new lamp.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are commonly known as a college dorm favorite, but you don’t have to use them like you would in the dorm. Stringing up these lights in your living room or on an outdoor balcony is perfectly acceptable. You might even find your guests enjoying and appreciating the soft ambience.

Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures add personality to the room while still providing an excellent source of light. You can cater to your tastes by switching up the style, color and size of the ceiling fixture so it matches perfectly with any furniture you choose to pair with it.

Swap Lamp Shades / Lightbulbs

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different lightbulbs and darker or lighter shades. Color temperatures and wattages of your chosen lightbulbs will change the strength and tone of

the light in your apartment, and swapping out your lamp shades for a new design can help things feel fresh.


Although mirrors are not a direct source of light, they can do two things for your apartment.

One, they create the illusion that your apartment is more spacious.

Two, they bounce light around the walls to literally brighten the room.

You can place mirrors pretty much anywhere. Doors, walls, cabinets and more are all great areas to hang or install mirrors. Get creative with where you place your mirrors to maximize how much light fills the your apartment.

Introduce Some Plants

Plants are an excellent way to “spruce” up your apartment. Depending on what style you want to go for, there are different plants for every situation. For example, succulents have become wildly popular in recent times. Getting one or two $5 succulents just to brighten up the kitchen is a completely valid option. Tall, leafy plants can go in the living room or a bedroom without taking up a lot of floor space. Don’t be afraid to explore all the varieties to suit your needs.

Install an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces can adopt different styles depending on your house décor, don’t create any smoke and are relatively easy to install and clean. They don’t take up a lot of space, especially if you choose to install one in the wall, and they’re cost-effective in heating up your apartment if it can tend to get a little chilly. The best electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in living rooms and bedrooms where a little bit of flame can make the area feel cozy, comforting and inviting. If you end up wanting your electric fireplace in a different room, it’s also easy to relocate since it’s not considered a permanent installation.


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Decorate Your Walls

Decorating a wall in your apartment is one way to help break up the monotony of one constant color. It can help your apartment feel less empty and give it a personal touch. There are a few ways to decorate your apartment walls:


Choosing one wall to paint in a different color against the rest of your room can make it feel warm, cool, spunky, bright or any number of things. If you can’t decide on any other ways to improve your apartment, painting a wall or two with a bucket of paint, some brushes and some tape can go a long way. It is a long way from paint by numbers!

Hang up some art

There’s no need to buy the next Mona Lisa. Buy a white canvas and flick some paint at it! There are hundreds of simple DIY videos you can follow to personalize your art and match it with your living room or bedroom.

Install a shelf with items for display

Have some old books lying around? Maybe a few figures or antiques? Installing a shelf on an empty wall and putting them up there for display can free up some space in other areas and still make your apartment that much cooler.

Install a sound system

Using some old computer or TV speakers and re-purposing them to create your own sound system is not only cheap but very effective. Once the electronics are taken out and bolted to an aluminum or wooden board, you can use some fabrics and a stiff material of your choice (like wood or glass) to construct some really awesome cases that you can hang on the wall. Change the shape of the case to change how the sound bounces around your apartment.

“Less is More”

Before you buy more, take a moment to look around your apartment. Decluttering is one of the easiest ways to not only increase your apartment’s functionality but also make your apartment seem bigger, cleaner and to an extent, more modern. However, if a modern look isn’t your preference, don’t worry. Vintage spaces benefit from decluttering as well. Selecting one or two accent pieces to go with your furniture while putting away or relocating the rest is a perfect way to retain the feel of any chosen room.

Maximize Your Storage

If you’re having trouble trying to declutter because there’s no space for the extra items lying around, consider maximizing your storage space. Assuming your apartment has two floors, installing drawers under your stairs is a fashionable and easy way to create more storage. For one-floor apartments, you can still create more storage space by using empty space under your bed or couch, getting a side table with hidden storage areas built into it, or hanging shelves on your doors.


Getting creative with how you decorate your apartment can be a fun and engaging way to personalize your space. By following any of the tips provided, making your apartment look cooler and more stylish will be no problem.


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