Oh great. This is just, yeah, REAL great news, you guys. Scientists have discovered sharks living in a volcano. As if volcanos aren’t ominous enough, Mother Nature’s crazy ass had to toss some scalloped hammerhead and silky sharks in there for nightmare’s sake? The volcano in question is Kavachi located in the South Pacific near the Solomon Islands. Remind me to steer clear of that neck of the woods ocean. If there’s one thing I don’t do, it’s sharks. If there’s two things I don’t do, it’s sharks and volcanos. If there’s three things I don’t do it’s sharks, volcanos, and go outside. What? The world is a scary place and my bed is v comfortable. You wouldn’t understand.

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  1. Lin Ilieva

    that would be a kickass place for a villain’s geadquarters, how has nobody tried to place a bid on that yet? lol

  2. Carl the Cracker

    yep .. I think I saw this on a James Bond show …
    To funny Great mind :)