Because it’s Shark Week and also, cats run the internet (imagine my boss is a cat, whipping me as I type — that’s my reality), here is MUST WATCH video of Max-Arthur the cat dress up as a shark, riding around on a Roomba. I could watch this all day. And to be honest, I probably will. Being productive is for people with ambition and I gave up on that mess a long time ago. I was barely out of the womb before the apathy set in!

And as a bonus, here’s another video of Max-Arthur wearing a shark costume and chasing a duckling on a roomba:

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Via: The Mary Sue


  1. Rainbow

    I love this cat! My cat won’t even let me play dress up with him :(

  2. susanpub

    All I can say is ROTFL !!!! This is the best! I’ve never known a cat who wouldn’t just get off the thing. I just love this.

  3. susanpub

    Btw, that is NOT me in that picture.

  4. Guest

    It appears that the duck is chasing the cat! Priceless group shot at the end. The duck definitely wants on the Roomba.

  5. L. H.

    While the cat was cute, I have one question: why was the human wearing sunglasses indoors while shucking corn?